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March 5, 2009


Thursday 5

Five-Campus College Fair
“The College Selection Process,”
“Writing a College Essay” &
“Scholarships & Financial Aid”;
Connolly Ballrm. Alumni, 11 am-2 pm (also 5-7 pm; 4-4096)

Asia Over Lunch Lecture
“Guide to New Japanese Digital Resources: Asahi Shinbun Database & Institutional Depositories,”
Hiro Good, East Asian Library;
4130 Posvar, noon (8-7370)

ADRC Lecture
“Physiological Indicators of Perceived Suffering,”
Joan Monin, UCSUR;
S439 ADRC conf. rm., Montefiore, noon

EOH Seminar
“DNA Repair in Human Disorders With Accelerated Aging,”
Vilhelm Bohr;
540 Bridgeside Point, noon

Endocrine Research Conference
“Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Muscle Insulin Resistance: Etiological Factor or Epiphenomenon?”
Frederico Toledo;
1195 Starzl BST, noon

Epidemiology Seminar
“Preterm Birth & Later Life Maternal Cardiovascular Disease,”
Janet Catov;
A115 Crabtree, noon

National Preparedness Lecture
“Federal Emergency Management,”
Jonathan Sarubbi, Homeland Security;
528 Alumni, 3 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium
“The Astrochronologic Calibration of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: Toward a Global Synthesis,”
Stephen Meyer, UNC;
11 Thaw, 4 pm

Chemistry Philips Lecture
“Materials Advances for Electrical Energy Generation & Storage: Fuel Cells, Lithium Ion Batteries & SuperCaps,”
Héctor Abruña, Cornell; 12 Chevron, 4 pm

Philosophy of Science Workshop
“Doing Without Concepts”;
817R CL, 4 pm (4-3879)

Friday 6

• Spring term deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

SBDC Workshop
“The 1st Step: Mechanics of Starting a Small Business”;
117 Mervis, 7:30-10 am (8-1542)

Health Policy Inst. Briefing
“Governance Challenges in the New Political & Economic Environment”;
Heinz History Ctr., Strip District, 8 am-1 pm

Dental Education Seminar
“What’s Hot & What’s Getting Hotter,”
Howard Glazer; 2148 Salk, 9 am-4 pm

Endocrine Conference
“Understanding Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus,”
Frederico Toledo;
1195 Starzl BST, 9:30 am

WPIC Meet the PI Lecture
“A Model of Gene-Environment Interaction in Schizophrenia: Joint Effect of Exposure to Infectious Agents & Host Genetic Variations,”
Konasale Prasad;
Detre 2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

UPMC Bariatric Surgery Info Session
Magee zero level aud., 11:30 am-1 pm (also March 17; 412/641-3632)

Human Genetics Seminar
“Biology in Silico: Online Tolls for ‘Omics,’”
Ansuman Chattopadhyay;
A115 Crabtree, noon

Sr. VC’s Research Seminar
“Regulation of Gene Expression During Maturation & Maintenance of the Ocular Surface,”
Shivalingappa Swamynathan;
Scaife aud. 6, noon

Simulation & Modeling Seminar
Rami Melhem, computer science & electrical engineering;
1175 Benedum, 2:30 pm (8-3094)

Film Program/English Film
“Benny’s Video,”
Margaret Barton-Fumo;
1501 Posvar, 6:30 pm (917/325-4981)

Saturday 7

Dental Education Seminar
“Important Prosthodontic Points,”
Medick Capirano;
“Forensic Dentistry Update,”
Michael Sobel;
“How to Bullet Proof Your Prosthetic Cases,”
John Gruendel;
“Yoga Hints to Relieve the ‘Crick in Your Neck,’”
Heather Perinis;
2148 Salk, 8:30 am-3:30 pm

Men’s Basketball Vs. UConn;
Petersen, noon

Sunday 8

• No classes for students through March 13 due to spring recess.
University offices & buildings remain open & staffed except on Friday, spring holiday.

UPMC Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer River Run
Registration, 8 am; warm-up, 9 am;
5K race, 10 am; 1-mile challenge, 11:30 am;
UPMC Sports Performance Complex, South Side (412/432-3770)

Monday 9

Memorial Service
For William Cohen, professor of pediatrics & psychiatry, who died Feb. 6; Heinz Chapel, 2 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar
“Golgi Complex: Another MTOC?”
Irina Kaverina;
169 Crawford, 4:05-5:15 pm

Tuesday 10

Office of Research/NCURA Broadcast Workshop
“Cost Sharing: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”;
Detre 2nd fl. aud., 11:30 am-3:30 pm (4-7405)

UPMC Practical Flow Cytometry Lecture
“Multiparameter Evaluation of Bone Marrow Specimens,”
Brent Wood, U of WA;
S100A Starzl BST, noon (412/623-7780)

Health Services Research Seminar
“Subjective & Objective Sleep Quality & Aging in the Sleep Heart Health Study,”
Mark Unruh;
305 Parkvale, noon

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar
“Mitochondrial Disease: Enigma Wrapped in a Puzzle,”
Russell Saneto, Children’s Hospital;
1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Endocrinology & Metabolism Bone Club
“TZDs & Osteoporosis,”
Hugo Lin;
1195 Starzl BST, 4:30 pm

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology Info Session
CGS, 4th fl. CL, 6 pm (4-6600)

Johnstown Campus Concert
Ahn Trio;
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 7:30 pm (814/269-7200)

Wednesday 11

Staff Assn. Council Mtg.
1175 Benedum, 12:15-2 pm

Thursday 12

Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds
“Amonia & Hepatic Encephalopothy,”
Brianna Garrett;
“Traumatic Injury in Pregnancy,”
Jason Sperry;
“Reading Upper Extremity X-Rays,”
Robert Kaliappan;
“Morbidity & Mortality,”
Adam Tobias;
“eRecord Update,”
Valerie Kogut;
230 McKee Pl. classrm. A, 8 am-noon

HSLS Workshop
“Adobe Photoshop for Beginners,”
Sam Lewis;
Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-noon

Endocrine Research Conference
“Pten Tumor Suppressor Function in the Tumor Microenvironment,”
Gustavo Leone;
1195 Starzl BST, noon

Chemistry Seminar
“Mechanistic Studies of C-4 Deoxygenation in the Biosynthesis of Unusual Sugars,”
Ben Liu, U of TX;
12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

Chemistry Seminar
“Ions & Ionizable Protein Side Chains Crossing Membranes: With & Without Ion Channels,”
Toby Allen, UC-Davis;
12B Chevron, 4 pm

Friday 13

• University closed in observance of spring holiday.

WPIC Meet the PI Lecture
“Tipping Point: The Future of Psychiatry,”
Charles Reynolds;
Detre 2nd fl. aud., 11 am-12:30 pm

Saturday 14

Dental Education Seminar
“Digital Radiography,”
Anitha Potluri & L.G. Schneider;
2148 Salk, 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Monday 16

CIDDE Workshop
“Evaluating Online Courses”;
815 Alumni, noon-1:30 pm

CRSP Lecture
“Discrimination & Its Health Consequences Across Diverse Racial Groups,”
David Takeuchi, U of WA;
2017 CL, noon-1:30 pm (4-7382)

Tuesday 17

HSLS Workshop
“PubMed Basics,”
Carolyn Biglow;
Falk Library classrm. 1, 10-11:30 am

CIDDE Faculty Book Discussion
“Learning & Motivation in the Postsecondary Classroom”;
815 Alumni, noon-1:30 pm (also March 19, 3:30-5:30 pm)

CVR Seminar
“Malaria-Induced Inflammation & Dendritic Cell Response,”
Ana Rodriguez;
6014 BST3, noon

Global Studies Lecture
“Internationalization of Korean Higher Education,”
Heejin Park, education;
4130 Posvar, noon (4-2918)

Philosophy of Science Talk
“Hobbes: Science & the Science of Politics,”
Martin Bertman, Helsinki U;
817R CL, 12:05 pm (4-1052)

Asian Studies Lecture
“Korea’s State Ritual Music,”
Bell Yung, music;
4130 Posvar, 2:30 pm (8-7426)

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar
“Genome-Wide Approaches to Studying Androgen Receptor & Associated Coregulators in Prostate Cancer,”
Michael Garabedian, NYU;
1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Classics Lecture
“Escaping One’s Own Notice Knowing: Meno’s Paradox Again,”
M.M. McCabe, King’s College, London;
144 CL, 3:30 pm

Chemistry Seminar
“Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks & Application to CO2 Capture,”
Omar Yaghi, UCLA;
12A Chevron, 4 pm

Classics Lecture
“Project Paphlagonia: Multi-Period Archaeological Survey in North-Central Turkey,”
Roger Matthews, Univ. College, London;
304 CL, 4:30 pm

Law Forum
“The Molly Maguire Commission”;
WPU Ballrm., 7 pm

Global Studies Lecture
“The Veil in Islamic Societies: A Historical & Social Overview,”
Shane Minkin, NYU;
Sutherland Hall lounge, 8 pm (4-2918)

Wednesday 18

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds
“Monoclonal B Cell Lymphocytosis & Its Relationship to CLL,”
Marc Levesque;
Herberman Conf. Ctr., 2nd fl. aud., 8 am

Info Sciences Lecture
“Historic Photos of Pgh.,”
Miriam Meislik, Pitt Archives Services Ctr.;
501 IS, 10:30 am

Pathology Research Seminar
“New Roles for the uPA/Plasminogen System in Vascular Pathology,”
David Dichek, U of WA;
1105 Scaife, noon (8-1040)

Pharmacy Distinguished Lecture
“The Pharmacist Factor in Health Promotions & Patient Management,”
Gary Matzke, VA Commonwealth U;
355 Salk, noon

CIDDE Faculty Article Discussion
“General Education: The Changing Agenda”;
815 Alumni, noon-1:30 pm (also March 20, noon-1:30 pm)

Global Studies Lecture
“A Taste of Democracy From American & Israelis’ Schools,”
Ofira Roll, education;
4217 Posvar, noon (4-2918)

Religious Studies Colloquium
“And We Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden,”
Rebecca Denova;
2628 CL, noon (4-5990)

Biological Sciences Seminar
“Plasticity & Ecological Breadth in Polygonum: An Eco-Devo Case Study,”
Sonia Sultan;
A224 Langley, 12:30 pm

HSLS Workshop
“Sequence Similarity Searching,”
Ansuman Chattopadhyay;
Falk Library conf. rm. B, 1-3 pm

Bradford Campus Concert
College-Community Choir;
Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell, UPB, 7:30 pm (814/362-5113)

Thursday 19

• Fall term registration & add/drop begin.

Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds
“Life-Threatening Dermatosis,”
Timothy Patton;
“Oral Core Content,”
Robert Frank;
“Morbidity & Mortality,”
Tracy Moore;
“Altered Standards of Care,”
Keith Conover;
230 McKee Pl., classrm. A, 8 am-noon

HSLS Workshop
“PowerPoint for Beginners,”
Sam Lewis;
Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-noon

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar
“Biophysics of Viral Infectivity: Matching Genome Length & Virus Size,”
Alex Evilevitch;
6014 BST3, 11 am

Pathology Seminar
“From Yeast Genetics to Human Genome Analysis,”
Peter Nagy, U of Iowa;
S218 Starzl BST, 11 am

IRB Workshop
“Ask the IRB for Exempt/Expedited Research,”
Christopher Ryan;
211 Lawrence, noon

Asia Over Lunch Lecture
“Pearl Harbor: The Relevance of the Attack 68 Years Later,”
Donald Goldstein, GSPIA;
4130 Posvar, noon (8-7370)

Johnson Inst. Career Development Workshop
“Preparing Yourself for Leadership,”
Keith Caver, Caver Consulting;
WPU Ballrm., noon-2 pm (8-1336)

Endocrine Research Conference
“Treatment & Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes With Anti-CD3 Monoclonal Antibody,”
Kevan Herold;
1195 Starzl BST, noon

Epidemiology Seminar
“Emergence & Disappearance of a Virulent Clone of Haemophilus Influenza Biogroup Aegyptius, Cause of Brazilian Purpuric Fever,”
Lee Harrison;
A115 Crabtree, noon

HSLS Workshop
“EndNote Basics,”
Pat Weiss;
Falk Library classrm. 2, 1:30-3:30 pm

Chemistry Seminar
“Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks,”
Jeff Long, UC-Berkeley;
12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

Johnson Inst. Lecture
“Diversity: Corporate Leadership & Issues for Our Region,”
Keith Caver, Caver Consulting;
WPU Kurtzman Rm., 3:30-5:30 pm (8-1336)

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium
“Overview of Real-Time GPS Networks & the New Virtual Reference System in PA,”
Kevin Chappell, Precision Laser & Instruments;
11 Thaw, 4 pm

Chemistry Distinguished Lecture
“Methodological Advances in Computer Simulation of Biomolecular Systems,”
Wilfred van Gunsteren, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology;
12A Chevron, 4 pm

Integrated Medicine Lecture
“Structural Integration: The Architecture of Health,”
David Lesondak;
580 S. Aiken Ave., suite 310, Shadyside, 5:30 pm (412/623-3023)

Johnstown Campus Poetry Reading
Lynn Emanuel, English;
Whalley Mem. Chapel, UPJ, 7:30 pm

PhD Defenses

“Vitamin D, Tissue Resistance, Bone Mineral Density & Breast Cancer Risk,”
Jessica Albano;
March 6, A522 Crabtree, 9 am

“Huaracane Social Organization: Change Over Time at the Prehispanic Community of Yahuay Alta, Perú,”
Kirk Costion;
March 6, 3106 Posvar, 3 pm

“Indigenous Knowledge & Cultural Values in Ewe Musical Practice: Their Traditional Roles & Places in Modern Society,”
Kofi Justice Stephen Gbolonyo;
March 17, 114 Music, 3:30 pm

“An Essential Link in a Vast Chain: New England & the West Indies, 1700-1775,”
Eric Kimball;
March 18, 3703 Posvar, 9 am

“Application of Allene-ynes to the Synthesis of Novel Carbocyclic & Heterocyclic Scaffolds,”
Thomas Painter;
March 18, 245 Chevron, 1 pm


Titusville Winter Theatre/Titusville Follies
“We Haven’t Got a Clue!”;
March 13 & 14 at 7:30 pm, March 15 at 2 pm, Henne aud., UPT


Pitt History Exhibit
“Free at Last?”;
through April 5, Heinz History Ctr., Strip District, 10 am-5 pm daily (412/454-6000)

Photography Exhibit
James Wesley Morar;
through May 31, Barco Law Library Gallery, M-Th 7:30 am-11:45 pm, F 7:30 am-8 pm, Sat. 10 am-8 pm, Sun. 10 am-11:45 pm (8-1376)


Engineering Sustainability Conference
Conference will be held April 19-21 at the David Lawrence Convention Ctr., Downtown.
Registration deadline March 20. (info & registration:

Conflict of Interest Filing
Deadline is April 15. COI disclosures must be filed through

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The next issue of the University Times calendar will include events of March 19-April 2. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm March 12 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or email to


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