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University of Pittsburgh
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June 25, 2009

CSSD projects earn honors

In recognition of innovations that addressed campus safety and enhanced software application delivery to University computer labs, two Pitt projects have been recognized in the International Data Group’s (IDG) Computerworld honors program.

Pitt earned a Laureate Medal for its Emergency Notification System, which offers rapid communication to subscribers through text messaging and voice mail, in the event of an on-campus emergency.

Pitt garnered a Laureate Gold Medal for the Application Virtualization for Effective Software Delivery project, which allows more software applications to be installed on computers without destabilizing the computer. The project solved the challenge of providing more than 100 software applications for Windows computers maintained by CSSD for student use. Application virtualization allows applications to be delivered as they are needed by students and eliminates the problems that can result from conflicts between applications installed on the same computer.

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