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June 11, 2009


Reduced price memberships in University Club sought for retirees

To the editor:

The manager of the new University Club has informed me that faculty and staff retirees are not eligible for membership.  It is unseemly to prohibit retired faculty and staff, many of whom have devoted their careers to the University, from having dining memberships in the University Club. Indeed, many of us faculty retirees have made and continue to make substantial contributions to the University, even after retirement. Access to membership in the University Club is but a small recognition of this.

I have also been informed by sources in the Senate that the University administration does not wish to allow such memberships now, but might consider this in the future, once demand has been established. However, the issue of possible excess demand, based on dining club membership for retirees, is easily and immediately managed by restricting their use during peak hours, if necessary.

Also, since retirees would not likely use the dining facilities very often, their membership dues should be much lower. Their membership cards, which could show that they are retirees, would also serve to identify them for any necessary peak-hour restriction.

I trust and hope that the University administration will reconsider their position and act expeditiously to change their policy, thereby encouraging retirees to continue to be involved in University activities.

Julian Andelman

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