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May 26, 2005


Thursday 26

Medical Grand Rounds

“Virtual Colonoscopy,” Arnold Wald; west wing aud., Shadyside, 8-9 am

Pediatric Surgery Lecture

“Hematologic Problems in the Surgical Patient”; 4A496 Children’s, 8-9 am

ADRC Seminar

“Dementia,” Oscar Lopez, neurology; ADRC conf. rm. Montefiore, noon-1 pm (412/692-2700)

Immunology Seminar

“A Knock-in Mouse Model of LAT (Linker for Activation of T Cells),” Connie Sommers, NCI; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm

OIS Intercultural Lunch

Ground fl. WPU, noon-1:15 pm (also June 2 & 9; 4-7120)

Chemistry Bayer Lecture

“Importance of Catalysis in Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization,” Krzysztof Matyjas-zewski, CMU; 12 Chevron, 5 pm (4-8200)

Toastmasters Meeting

N727 Montefiore, 6-7:30 pm (also June 2, 9)

Friday 27

Medical Grand Rounds

“Vasopressin & Vasodilatory Shock,” Donald Landry; lecture rm. 6 Scaife, 8-9 am

American Experience Lecture

“Western PA’s Economic Future,” Gov. Edward Rendell; Benedum aud., 7 pm (tickets required:

Saturday 28

• Official date for degrees awarded in the law school & the first professional programs in medicine & dental medicine

Law Graduation Ceremony

Susan Koniak, Boston U; Soldiers & Sailors aud., 11 am (8-1373)

Monday 30

• University closed for observance of Memorial Day.

Tuesday 31

Health Services Seminar

“What Would He Want Us to Do? The Burden of Surrogate Decision Making,” David Barnard; 1105 Scaife, noon-1 pm (412/692-4853)

Magee Seminar

Catherine Haggerty; 1st fl. conf. rm. Magee, 4-5 pm

UPCI Seminar

“Signaling Pathways Involved in Tumor Promotion Induced by Carcinogenic Compounds From Cigarette Smoke,” Chuanshu Huang; Cooper Conf. Rm. Hillman Cancer Ctr., Shadyside, 4-5 pm


Wednesday 1

Orthopaedic Surgery/Plastics Grand Rounds

“The Management of Brachial Plexus Palsy” & “Plastic Surgery Contribution to Hand Surgery,” Vincent Hentz; LHAS aud., Montefiore, 7-9 am

Senate Community Relations Committee Meeting

272 Hillman, 11 am-1 pm

Pathology Seminar

“Molecular Portraits of Human Breast Tumors,” Charles Perou, UNC; 1104 Scaife, noon-1 pm (8-1040)

Toastmasters Meeting

L5 Clapp, noon-1 pm (also June 8)

Thursday 2

Pediatric Surgery Lecture

“Choledochal Cyst,” Joel Barbato; 4A496 Children’s, 8-9 am

Immunology Seminar

“IL-7: Linking Diabetes-Suppressive Dendritic Cells & CD4+ CD25+ T-Cells,” Nick Giannoukakis; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Chemistry Lecture

“Complex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Chemistry,” Brian Stoltz, Cal Tech; 12B Chevron, 4 pm (4-8200)

Friday 3

• Summer 6-week-1 session deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to the dean’s office.

Senior Vice Chancellor’s Laureate Lecture

“Transcriptional Control of Early Mouse Development,” Heiner Westphal, National Inst. of Child Health & Human Development; lecture rm. 6 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Saturday 4

• Summer 4-week-1 session ends; final exams held during last class meeting.

Monday 6

• Summer 4-week-2 session registration period ends & classes begin.

Tuesday 7

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

UPCI Seminar

“Spontaneous & Factor-Induced Nucleosome Dynamics, One at a Time,” Sanford Leuba; Cooper Conf. Rm. Hillman Cancer Ctr., Shadyside, 4-5 pm

Wednesday 8

• Summer 4-week-1 session grade rosters due in Registrar’s office by noon.

•Summer 4-week-2 add/drop period ends.

Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds

Eric Kropf & James Pfaeffle; LHAS aud., Montefiore, 7-8 am

Pathology Seminar

“Role of Progenitors in Regeneration of Chronically Injured Livers,” Anna Mae Diehl, Duke; 1105 Scaife, noon-1 pm (8-1040)

SAC Meeting

1175 Benedum, 12:15-2 pm

Thursday 9

Pediatric Surgery Lecture

“Biliary Atresia,” Gretchen Purcell; 4A496 Children’s, 8-9 am

FSDP Workshop

“For the Time of Your Life!” Darla Manz; 342 Craig, 9-11 am (register: 4-8046)

Ph.D. Defenses


“Turning the Tables: American Restaurant Culture & the Rise of the Middle Class, 1880-1920,” Andrew Haley; May 26, 3526 Posvar, 10 am


“Developing Group Perceptions Through Communication: Extensions of the Saying-Is-Believing Effect,” Leslie Hausmann; May 27, 4127 Sennott, 10 am

SIS/IS & Telecommunications

“On the Design of Hyperlink Recommender Systems,” Denis Lemongew Nkweteyim; May 27, 503 IS, 10 am-noon

Medicine/Molecular Pharmacology

“Mediation of Chemotherapy-Induced Apoptosis by the Lysosomal Protease Cathespin D,” Lori Emert-Sedlak; May 27, 1395 BST, 3 pm


“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde of the Immune System Following Ocular HSV-1 Infection,” Andrew Lepisto; June 1, S100 BST, 9 am

A&S/Biological Sciences

“A Genomic Yeast Screen Identifies Small Heat Shock Proteins as Regulators of CFTR Degradation,” Annette Ahner; June 3, 169 Crawford, 2 pm


“The Human Tumor Antigen MUC1 as an Inducer of Dendritic Cell Chemotaxis & Distorted Maturation,” Casey Carlos; June 3, S123 BST, 2 pm


Pitt Kennywood Day

Tickets can be purchased at the WPU ticket office through June 10.

Teaching Evaluation Surveys

Request forms due June 10 for 4-week-2, 12-week & summer term sessions; July 1 for 6-week-2 session; July 8 for 4-week-3 session. (4-6147)


Hillman Library Exhibits

“Red Winged Starling (Marsh Blackbird,)” through June 6; “Republican or Cliff Swallow,” June 7-20; Audubon exhibit case, ground fl. Hillman, M-Th 7:50 am-10 pm, F 7:50 am-6 pm, Sat. 10 am-6 pm, Sun. noon-9 pm (8-7715)

Barco Law Library Exhibit

“Faith, Travel, Diversity,” Rana Ryan; M-Th, 7:30 am-midnight, F 7:30 am-8 pm Sat., 10 am-8 pm, Sun. 10 am-midnight, Barco Law Library Gallery (8-1376)


Kuntu Repertory Theatre Production

“Sweet Thunder: Billy Strayhorn,” by Ben Tyler; through June 4, Th-Sat. at 8 pm, Sun. at 4 pm, 7th fl. aud. Alumni (tickets: 4-7298)

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published June 9. It will contain events of June 9-23. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm June 2 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information may be sent by fax to 4-4579 or e-mail to

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