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April 2, 2009

Books, Journals & More

This annual University Times supplement recognizes faculty and staff who have written, edited and translated books, as well as those whose efforts have extended into other areas, such as journals, electronic publications, plays and musical compositions.

We regret that space constraints prohibit including other kinds of publications/creative endeavors. At the suggestion of a faculty advisory committee, we have included only items that were peer-reviewed: Anything identified as a self-published work was excluded. We also have limited listings to complete works, because individual chapters, articles and poems would be too numerous.

Submissions are divided into three sections: Books, Journals & More. In each section, submissions are arranged according to school/unit, then listed alphabetically by title. Works are cross-listed when collaborators represent more than one Pitt unit. In instances where there are non-Pitt collaborators, the Pitt faculty or staff member is listed first.

Books, Journals & More was compiled by Barbara DelRaso from information submitted by faculty and staff members themselves.

Submissions in this year’s publication have a 2008 copyright or performance date.


American Indian Autobiography

by David Brumble, English.

University of Nebraska Press.

This book, a reissue with a new introduction, is a historical account of American Indian autobiography, from oral autobiography to the very literate autobiographies of N. Scott Momaday and Leslie Silko.

Antinomies of Art and Culture: Modernity, Postmodernity, Contemporaneity

edited by Nancy Condee, Slavic languages and literatures; Terry Smith, history of art and architecture, and Okwui Enwezor, San Francisco Art Institute.

Duke University Press.

Theorists, artists, critics and curators explore new ways of conceiving the present and understanding art and culture in relation to it.

Approaches to Teaching the Works of Oscar Wilde

edited by Philip E. Smith II, English.

Modern Language Association.

Wilde’s work is sometimes considered prescient of the postmodern age. The first part of this book suggests editions, resources and criticism that may be useful for the teacher. The second part contains essays that discuss Wilde’s stories, fairy tales, poetry, plays, essays, letters and life from the perspective of a wide range of disciplines.

The Assault on Progress: Technology and Time in American Literature

by J. Adam Johns, English.

University of Alabama Press.

The author argues that the idea of technology-as-destiny has long been explored and undercut in American literary works; authors such as Herman Melville, William Faulkner and Ralph Ellison help us to think of technology without progress.

Between Saying and Doing: Towards an Analytic Pragmatism

by Robert Brandom, philosophy.

Oxford University Press.

This book reconciles pragmatism with analytic philosophy by offering a theory of the relations between the meanings of linguistic expressions and their use.

China’s Great Economic Transformation

edited by Thomas Rawski, economics, and Loren Brandt, University of Toronto.

Cambridge University Press.

This study provides an integrated analysis of China’s unexpected economic boom of the past three decades.

Comeback Season: How I Learned to Play the Game of Love

by Cathy Day, English.

Free Press/Simon & Schuster.

This memoir takes a different look at love.

Communication as Culture: An Introduction to the Communication Process

by John Gareis, communication, and Ellen R. Cohn, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Kendall Hunt.

This textbook provides an introduction to the process and function of communication as the primary purveyor of culture. It explores such topics as language, nonverbal codes, gender and systems theory.

Engaging Audiences: A Cognitive Approach to Spectating in the Theatre

by Bruce McConachie, theatre arts.

Palgrave Macmillan.

This book examines the dynamics of conscious attention, mental concepts, memory, empathy, emotion and culture in theatre-going.

Entre Hommes: French and Francophone Masculinities in Culture and Theory

edited by Todd Reeser, French and Italian languages and literatures, and Lewis Seifert, Brown University.

University of Delaware Press.

This book lays the foundation for French and Francophone masculinity studies in both a cultural and theoretical sense. It considers what is meant by “French” or “Francophone” masculinities per se and how these identities have or have not changed over time, with essays spanning periods from the Middle Ages to the present. An introduction situates the study of masculinity within the work of recent French thinkers, and essays examine both key writers and recurring cultural images.

Essays on the Literary Baroque in Spain and Spanish America

by John Beverley, Hispanic languages and literatures.


This collection of essays examines Spanish and Latin American literary and cultural history. The introduction outlines the ongoing scholarly discussions about the nature of the Baroque in both Spain and Spanish America.

Explorations in College Algebra, 4th Edition

by Beverly Michael, mathematics; Linda Kime, and Judy Clark.

John Wiley and Sons.

This college algebra textbook uses real-world situations and relies heavily on the use of real data. The book prepares students to use and interpret algebraic functions.

GeoSensor Networks: Second International Conference

edited by Alexandros Labrinidis, computer science; Silvia Nittel, University of Maine, and Anthony Stefanidis, George Mason University.


This book documents the refereed proceedings of the second GeoSensor Networks Conference, held in Boston in October 2006.

Havana and the Atlantic in the 16th Century

by Alejandro Mauro de la Fuente, history.

University of North Carolina Press.

Using Cuban sources, including parish registries and notary, town council and treasury records, the author provides the first examination of the transformation of Havana into a vibrant Atlantic port city and the fastest-growing urban center in the Americas in the late 16th century.

Imagined Families, Lived Families: Culture and Kinship in Contemporary Japan

edited by Akiko Hashimoto, sociology, and John W. Traphagan.

SUNY Press.

This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to the Japanese family at a crossroads of demographic change and altered cultural values. It includes studies ranging from representations in manga and anime to political activism and end-of-life decisions.

Introduction to the Numerical Analysis of Incompressible Viscous Flows

by William Layton, mathematics.


This book provides the foundation for understanding the interconnection of the physics, mathematics and numerics of the incompressible case, which is essential for progressing to the more complex flows. With mathematical rigor and physical clarity, the book progresses from the mathematical preliminaries of energy and stress to finite element computational fluid dynamics in a format manageable in one semester.

Komplexitäten: Warum wir erst anfangen, die Welt zu verstehen

by Sandra Mitchell, history and philosophy of science.

Suhrkamp Verlag.

This book argues that our vision of the world, how it is constituted, what kind of knowledge we can have, how to investigate it and how to act in light of the results of those investigations should reflect nature’s complexity and contingency. Recent developments in the sciences that study complexity raise challenges to some traditional ways of looking at scientific practice. In particular, the book considers the new scientific interest in emergence, the problem of causal inference in knock-out experiments and the ways in which deep uncertainty endemic to global warming models challenge the traditional framework.

The Kuzari and the Shaping of Jewish Identity, 1167-1900

by Adam Shear, religious studies.

Cambridge University Press.

This book examines the reception of the 12th-century apologetic for Judaism, Judah Halevi’s “Book of the Kuzari,” in medieval and early modern Jewish culture.

The Last of China’s Literati: The Music, Poetry and Life of Tsar Teh-yun

by Bell Yung, music.

Hong Kong University Press.

Through the life of one member of China’s last generation of literati, this book provides rich material from the cultural and social history of 20th-century China, especially for those interested in qin music and the place of women in this period.

The Magic Mirror: Law in American History, 2nd Edition

by Peter Karsten, history, and Kermit L. Hall, SUNY-Albany.

Oxford University Press.

This book is a history of legal culture, the law in action and resistance to law from colonial times to 2007.

Memory in Play From Aeschylus to Sam Shepard

by Attilio Favorini, theatre arts.

Palgrave Macmillan.

This book makes evident that memory, though critically neglected, is as significant as race, gender and class as a feature of dramatic character construction.

Old Church Slavic

by Oscar Swan, Slavic languages and literatures.

Berkeley Slavic Specialties.

This three-volume set contains a systematic description of the morphology and syntax of Old Church Slavic, the language in which the earliest Slavic writings appear. The grammatical description is accompanied under separate cover by a reader containing excerpts from all major Old Church Slavic manuscripts, as well as a 10,000-word glossary.

Politics and Society in Ancient Greece

by Nicholas F. Jones, classics.

Praeger Publishers.

This college textbook examines ancient Greek politics in its societal setting, with particular attention to the constitution, patronage, the judiciary and the contrasting political lives of men and women, as exemplified by numerous notable politicians.

Preserving Petersburg: History, Memory, Nostalgia

edited by Helena Goscilo, Slavic languages and literatures, and Stephen M. Norris, Miami University of Ohio.

Indiana University Press.

This interdisciplinary volume examines the mythologized city of St. Petersburg as a museum piece.

Refiguring Rhetorical Education: Women Teaching African American, Native American and Chicano/a Students, 1865-1911

by Jessica Enoch, English.

Southern Illinois University Press.

This book examines the rhetorical educations that five teachers composed for their students.

17th-Century Art and Architecture, 2nd Edition

by Ann Sutherland Harris, history of art and architecture.

Laurence King.

This edition has been expanded and updated.

Social Movements

by Suzanne Staggenborg, sociology.

Oxford University Press.

Many of the cultural and political changes achieved during the last two centuries can be attributed to social movements: groups of individuals who join together to take collective action. In this book the author offers an introduction to the field’s historical background, definitional debates and major theoretical perspectives. These perspectives are explored in depth by analyzing five recent examples: the aboriginal, women’s, gay and lesbian, environmental and global justice movements.

The Split in Stalin’s Secretariat, 1939-1948

by Jonathan Harris, political science.

Lexington Books.

This monograph analyzes the fundamental conflict over the role of party officials in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 1940s.

Stardom Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema

by Marcia Landy, English.

Indiana University Press.

This is a history of Italian stardom and celebrity culture in the 20th and 21st centuries, including the historical conditions for its rise from the silent cinema to contemporary media.

The Structure of ‘iki,’ Bilingual Edition

translated by Hiroshi Nara, East Asian languages and literatures.

Kodansha International.

The English translation of Kuki Shûzô’s “The Structure of ‘iki’” has been republished in a Japanese-English version and revised with expanded notes by the translator.

Violence Without Guilt: Ethical Narratives From the Global South

by Hermann Herlinghaus, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Palgrave Macmillan.

Can modernity be imagined as a “war on affect” propelled by the unequal distribution of guilt and fear as major forces of containment? Exploring Walter Benjamin’s early texts on violence and religion and bringing them to bear upon contemporary struggles, the author argues that the flexible production of affective marginalities lies at the heart of the psycho-cultural dynamics of globalization.


by Peter Oresick, English.

Carnegie Mellon University Press.

This is a book-length poetic sequence that surveys the extraordinary life — and robust afterlife — of Andy Warhol, a global cultural icon.

Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers, 9th Edition

by David Bartholomae, English, and Anthony Petrosky, School of Education.

Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

This is a college composition textbook.

What Happened to Anna K.: A Novel

by Irina Reyn, English.

Simon & Schuster.

This novel about a modern-day Anna Karenina is set in New York City among a community of Russian-Jewish immigrants.

The Wonder of It All: Fred Rogers and the Story of an Icon

by Mark Collins, geology and planetary science, and Margaret Mary Kimmel, School of Information Sciences.

Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media.

The goal of this work is to demystify Fred Rogers, the icon, by identifying the people, concepts and stories that created the enduring legacy of Fred Rogers, the person.


Policing Muslim American Communities

by Tony Gaskew, behavioral and social sciences.

The Edwin Mellen Press.

This book examines the relationship between law enforcement agencies and Muslim-American communities following the highly politicized and tense atmosphere in the aftermath of 9/11.

Selected Writings of Jose Miguel de Barandiaran: Basque Prehistory and Ethnography

translated by Carys Evans-Corrales, foreign languages; Frederick Fornoff, Pitt-Johnstown, and Linda White, University of Nevada-Reno.

University of Nevada Press.

This book, with an extensive introduction by the compiler Jesus Altuna, contains biographical information on Barandiaran and discusses selected writings from Barandiaran’s books.

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook

by John Schlimm, communication and the arts.

Cumberland House.

This collection of more than 400 recipes features beer as a main ingredient.


Courting Your Career: Match Yourself With the Perfect Job

by Shawn Graham.

JIST Works.

This book provides tools and strategies for job seekers, comparing job hunting to dating.

Group Decision Making: Drawing Out and Reconciling Differences

by Thomas Saaty and Kirti Peniwati.

RWS Publications.

This book examines how to make and combine individual judgments into a representative group judgment when many criteria and goals are involved. It also explores how to deal with conflicts in a rational way by laying out all the factors and involving representatives of all parties.

A Woman’s Place … The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business

by Ann Dugan, IEE; Sharon P. Krone, Loyola University; Kelly LeCouvie, York University; Jennifer M. Pendergast, FBCG; Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez, FBCG, and Amy M. Schuman, FBCG.

The Family Business Consulting Group.

This book will provide everyone in family business with the knowledge for maximizing the success of women in family business and subsequently maximizing the success and continuity of their business.


Inequality in Education: Comparative and International Perspectives

edited by W. James Jacob, administrative and policy studies, and Donald B. Holsinger, Brigham Young University.


The book is a compilation of conceptual chapters and national case studies that includes a series of methods for measuring education inequalities.

Merit Aid and the Politics of Education

by Erik C. Ness, administrative and policy studies.


This book examines the merit scholarship criteria determination process in New Mexico, Tennessee and West Virginia. An enhanced conceptual understanding of policymaking phenomena emerges from case narratives and from the application of three theoretical frameworks: advocacy coalition, multiple streams and electoral connection.

Promoting Positive Development in Early Childhood: Building Blocks for a Successful Start

by Karen VanderVen, psychology in education.


This book introduces the Early Childhood Developmental Assets Framework, its conceptual and research base, and how parents, community members and institutions can use specific practices to promote positive development of young children.

Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers, 9th Edition

by Anthony Petrosky, instruction and learning, and David Bartholomae, School of Arts and Sciences.

Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.


Computer-Aided Power System Analysis, 2nd Edition

by George Kusic, electrical and computer engineering.

CRC Press.

This textbook presents basic principles of power systems from the point of view of the central control facility (the power system control center). Each chapter has accompanying computer software that is integrated with power system concepts and extends the students’ understanding beyond hand calculations. The software is representative of computer programs used to control and monitor large-scale interconnections of power systems.


Communication as Culture: An Introduction to the Communication Process

by Ellen R. Cohn, communication science and disorders, and John Gareis, School of Arts and Sciences.

Kendall Hunt.


edited by Sajeesh Kumar, health information management, and Elizabeth Krupinski, University of Arizona.


This book explains technical issues, digital information and globalization of radiology through information technology.


Information Assurance: Dependability and Security in Networked Systems

edited by James Joshi, information science and technology; Prashant Krishnamurthy, telecommunications and networking; David Tipper, telecommunications and networking, and Yi Qian, University of Puerto Rico.


This book provides leading-edge thinking on security techniques, survivability techniques and the relationships between them in networked systems. This is a title in the Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking.

Information Science 101

by Anthony Debons.

The Scarecrow Press.

This book helps high school students and college freshmen identify and understand careers in the information sciences. It looks at various aspects of the field: library/documentation, tele-transmission, computer science and practice and decision-making/problem-solving.

Personal Archives and a New Archival Calling: Readings, Reflections and Ruminations

by Richard J. Cox, library and information science.

Litwin Books.

This book examines issues affecting the future of personal and family archives, from the point of view of archival science.

The Wonder of It All: Fred Rogers and the Story of an Icon

by Margaret Mary Kimmel, library and information science, and Mark Collins, School of Arts and Sciences.

Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media.


Selected Writings of Jose Miguel de Barandiaran: Basque Prehistory and Ethnography

translated by Frederick Fornoff, Spanish; Carys Evans-Corrales, Pitt-Bradford, and Linda White, University of Nevada-Reno.

University of Nevada Press.

Taking Charge of Your Learning: A Guide to College Success

by Dianna L. Van Blerkom, Academic Success Center.

Thomson Wadsworth.

This text combines essential study strategies with four “taking charge of your learning” workshops in each chapter. The text focuses on getting students actively involved in their learning and college success.


Drafting Contracts Under the CISG

edited by Ronald A. Brand; Harry Flechtner, and Mark S. Walter.

Oxford University Press.

This book addresses drafting issues for contracts governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Inside Criminal Law: What Matters and Why

by John Burkoff and Russell Weaver, University of Louisville.


This book is a treatise on substantive criminal law for law students.

International Civil Dispute Resolution, 2nd Edition

by Ronald A. Brand; Charles S. Baldwin IV; David Epstein, and Michael Wallace Gordon.


This is a problem-oriented text for law school courses dealing with transnational litigation.

Principles of Criminal Procedure, 3rd Edition

by John Burkoff; Leslie Abramson, University of Louisville; Catherine Hancock, Tulane University, and Russell Weaver, University of Louisville.


This is a basic summary of constitutional criminal procedure for law students.

The 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements

by Ronald A. Brand and Paul M. Herrup, U.S. Department of Justice.

Cambridge University Press.

This book covers the history, substance and potential application of the treaty for which it is named. It provides a guide for states moving toward ratification as well as private parties.


The Anti-Cancer Cookbook

by Julia B. Greer, gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.

Sunrise River Press.

In this book the author explains what cancer is and how antioxidants work to prevent pre-cancerous mutations in the body’s cells, and describes in detail which foods have been shown to help prevent certain types of cancer. It also includes more than 220 recipes.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Smoking Cessation

by Cynthia Conklin, psychiatry; Michele Levine, psychiatry, and Kenneth Perkins, psychiatry.


This book offers the fundamental counseling strategies and interventions that have been established, researched and refined over the past decade.

A Maturity Model for Measuring Nonprofit Organizational Development

by Russell Schuh, psychiatry.


This book interprets relevant literature from multiple disciplines and presents a validated maturity model designed to diagnose nonprofit organizational development.

Operative Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 2nd Edition

editor: Eugene N. Myers, otolaryngology; associate editors: Ricardo L. Carrau, otolaryngology; David E. Eibling, otolaryngology; Barry E. Hirsch, otolaryngology; Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology; Carl H. Snyderman, otolaryngology; Stephen P. Cass; Ivo P. Janecka, and Donald B. Kamerer.


Oxford American Handbook of Psychiatry

edited by David Brent, psychiatry; Michelle S. Horner, psychiatry; David Kupfer, psychiatry; David Lewis, psychiatry; Charles Reynolds, psychiatry; Michael Thase, psychiatry, and Michael Travis, psychiatry.

Oxford University Press.

This handbook provides practical guidance in quick-reference note form.

Pediatric Endocrinology, 3rd Edition

edited by Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics.


This book establishes a bridge between the progress in biomedical science and the clinical practice of pediatric endocrinology.

Textbook of Clinical Neuropsychology

edited by Joseph H. Ricker, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and Joel E. Morgan, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Taylor & Francis/Psychology Press.

Tomorrow’s Criminals: The Development of Child Delinquency and Effective Interventions

edited by Rolf Loeber, psychiatry; Machteld Hoeve; N. Wim Slot, and Peter H. van der Laan.


This book addresses key problems in criminological research and makes studies from the Netherlands accessible to a wider audience. It provides information and analyses on risk factors and reviews screening tools and risk-focused prevention.

Tracheotomy: Airway Management, Communication and Swallowing, 2nd Edition

edited by Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology, and Eugene N. Myers, otolaryngology.

Plural Publishing.

Transplantation of Composite Tissue Allografts

edited by W.P. Andrew Lee, surgery and orthopaedic surgery, and Charles W. Hewitt, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


Walker’s Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease, 5th Edition

edited by Benjamin Shneider, pediatrics; Ronald E. Kleinman; Ian Sanderson; Olivier Goulet; Philip Sherman, and Giorgina Mieli-Vergani.

BC Decker.

This comprehensive, multi-authored textbook covers pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology.


A Europe of the Air? The Airline Industry and European Integration

by Martin Staniland.

Rowman and Littlefield.

This book, following up on an earlier book about state intervention in the European airline industry, examines the creation of a single market in commercial aviation in Europe and its impact on the strategies and structure of the air transport industry. It also explores the question of how much the goal of European integration has influenced the re-shaping of this industry.

Hegemony Constrained: Evasion, Modification and Resistance to American Foreign Policy

edited by Davis B. Bobrow.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

This book explores how nations, ethnic and religious groups and international organizations cope with American hegemony.

Humanitarian Military Intervention: The Conditions for Success and Failure

by Taylor Seybolt.

Oxford University Press.

This study focuses on the questions of when and how military intervention in conflicts can achieve humanitarian benefits. It uses the standard that an intervention should do more good than harm to evaluate the successes and failures. The author develops a methodology to determine the number of lives saved, as a minimalist measure. The analysis of 19 military operations in the six case studies of Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo and East Timor reveals both successful and unsuccessful interventions in the same locations.

Immigration, Integration and Security: America and Europe in Comparative Perspective

edited by Simon F. Reich and Ariane Chebel d’Appollonia, Center for Political Research, Paris.

University of Pittsburgh Press.

This book compares policies on security issues between and among European Union nations and the United States.

Missile Contagion: Cruise Missile Proliferation and the Threat to International Security

by Dennis M. Gormley.

Praeger Security International.

New Rights Advocacy: Changing Strategies of Development and Human Rights NGOs

by Paul J. Nelson and Ellen Dorsey.

Georgetown University Press.

This book tracks the growing intersection and overlap of human rights and development nongovernmental organizations.

Trading Away Our Future: How to Fix Our Government-Driven Trade Deficits and Faulty Tax System Before It’s Too Late

by Raymond Richman; Howard Richman, and Jesse Richman, Old Dominion University.

Ideal Taxes Association.

The authors say economists have been caught with their heads in the sand, thinking that trade deficits are the result of free-market forces. They say trade deficits are caused by foreign government currency manipulations and the subsidies that the U.S. tax system gives to foreign savings.


Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems, 5th Edition

by Beaufort B. Longest Jr., health policy and management, and Kurt Darr, George Washington University.

Health Professions Press.

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the conceptual frameworks and best practices for managing the organization and delivery of health services.

My Crazy Life

by Nicole Sebula, epidemiology.

Publish America.

This is a collection of short stories about some of the funnier/crazier things that have happened in the author’s life.


Encyclopedia of Social Work, 20th Edition

editors-in-chief: Larry E. Davis and Terry Mizrahi, Hunter College.

NASW Press and Oxford University Press.

This four-volume encyclopedia is designed to be a resource for social workers, students and policymakers, as well as for anyone interested in social issues.


Historic Photos of Pittsburgh

by Miriam Meislik, Archives Service Center.

Turner Publishing.

Through chapter introductions and item descriptions for nearly 200 photographs, this publication provides glimpses of Pittsburgh’s history.

The Winter of Her Discontent

by Kathryn Miller Haines, Center for American Music.


This is the second mystery featuring actor-turned-sleuth Rosie Winter, who takes on the black market and Broadway in World War II New York.




edited by Alexandros Labrinidis, computer science.

Association for Computing Machinery.

This is the official publication of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD). It is published four times a year. In addition to research articles, it features survey articles on emerging topics, articles on database principles, interviews with data management researchers, event reports, introductions of research groups worldwide and descriptions of innovative systems and prototypes.

Adoption and Culture: The Interdisciplinary Journal of the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture

associate editor: Marianne Novy, English.

Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture.

This inaugural issue includes articles on the Indian Adoption Project; biological and social fathers in Canada; transracial adoption in memoir, film and history, and children’s literature about adoption.

boundary 2

edited by Paul A. Bové, English.

Duke University Press.

This journal encourages advanced literary study in all areas of the historical humanities.

The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies

edited by William Chase, history; Bob Donnorummo, Russian and East European studies, and Ronald H. Linden, political science; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, Russian and East European studies.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.

This scholarly paper series is named after the first director of the University Center for International Studies.

Creative Nonfiction

edited by Lee Gutkind, English.

Creative Nonfiction Foundation.

Critical Asian Studies

guest editor: Nicole Constable, anthropology.


This is the first special issue focusing on Asian migrant domestic workers in Asia and the Middle East.

Critical Quarterly

edited by Colin MacCabe, English.


Vol. 50 covers material from canonical literature to digital media.

Ethnology: An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

editor-in-chief: Leonard Plotnicov, anthropology; co-editors: Joseph S. Alter, anthropology; Richard Scaglion, anthropology, and Marie Norman, Carnegie Mellon University; managing editor: Katherine Lancaster, anthropology.

University of Pittsburgh.

This journal, published quarterly since 1962, focuses on aspects of cultural anthropology and theoretical and methodological discussions.

Hispanic American Historical Review

managing editor: Sara Lickey, history; senior editors: George Reid Andrews, history; Alejandro de la Fuente, history, and Lara Putnam, history.

Duke University Press.

Founded in 1918, this English-language journal in the field of Latin American history publishes work across thematic, chronological, regional and methodological specializations.

International Jazz Archives Journal

edited by Nathan Davis, music.

University of Pittsburgh-Sonny

Rollins International Jazz Archives.

Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development

by Robert McCall, psychology; Christina Groark, School of Education; Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov, St. Petersburg State University; Natalia Nikiforova, Baby Home #13, St. Petersburg, and Oleg Palmov, St. Petersburg State University.

Society for Research in Child Development.

This issue reports on a quasi-experimental test of the role of early social-emotional experience and adult-child relationships in the development of children, birth to 4 years of age, in Russian orphanages.


edited by Ben Lerner, English, and Deb Klowden.

No Arts.

This semi-annual journal presents writing and art in juxtaposition.

Problems of Post-Communism

edited by Ronald H. Linden, political science.

M.E. Sharpe/National Council for Eurasian and East European Research.

This is a special issue on “The New Populism in Central and Southeast Europe.”

Revista Iberoamericana

edited by Erika Braga, Hispanic languages and literatures.

Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana/University of Pittsburgh.

This is a Spanish- and Portuguese-language academic journal concentrating on literary theory and literary review as it relates to Latin America.

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

editor-in-chief: Irene H. Frieze, psychology.

Springer US.

This interdisciplinary behavioral science journal, featuring a feminist perspective, publishes original research and review articles illuminating the underlying processes and consequences of gender role socialization, gendered perceptions and behaviors and gender stereotypes. Topics include body image; violence against women or intimate partners, and gender role socialization.

Social Networks: An International Journal of Structural Analysis

edited by Patrick Doreian, sociology, and T. Snijders.


This quarterly provides a forum for representatives of various disciplines who share an interest in the study of the empirical structure of social networks.


Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development

by Christina J. Groark, psychology in education; Robert McCall, School of Arts and Sciences; Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov, St. Petersburg State University; Natalia Nikiforova, Baby Home #13, St. Petersburg, and Oleg Palmov, St. Petersburg State University.

Society for Research in Child Development.


Oxidation of Metals

edited by Brian Gleeson, mechanical engineering and materials science.


This is an international journal about the science of gas-solid reaction.


IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine

guest editor: Rory Cooper, rehabilitation science and technology.


This special issue focuses on technology that helps people with disabilities by improving their independence and functionality.


ACM Transactions on the Web

associate editor: Peter Brusilovsky, information science and technology.


This journal focuses on web content, applications, use and related enabling technology.

IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies

associate editor-in-chief: Peter Brusilovsky, information science and technology.

IEEE Press.

This journal addresses new research on learning environments, e-learning tools, social technologies, adaptive and intelligent educational systems, devices for learning and interoperability.

The International Information and Library Review

edited by Toni Carbo, information science and technology.


For more than 20 years, this journal has examined policy and ethical issues; the impact of information technologies and policies on decision-making and problem-solving, and the design and implementation of information systems for libraries and organizations.

Journal of Location-Based Services

associate editor: Hassan Karimi, information science and technology.

Taylor & Francis.

This journal examines the growing field of location-based services on networked mobile devices, including location-based computing, next-generation interfaces, telecom location architectures and the social implications of such technology.


Pennsylvania Geographer

edited by William B. Kory, geography; associate editors: Gregory Faiers, geography, and Ola Johansson, geography.

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

This is the semi-annual regional journal of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society.

Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies

edited by Paul Douglas Newman, history.

Penn State Press.

This is the quarterly journal of the Pennsylvania Historical Association.

South Asian Review

edited by K.D. Verma, English.

South Asian Literary Association.

This journal is devoted to South Asian studies and postcolonial critical theory.


Artificial Intelligence and Law

edited by Kevin Ashley, law and LRDC; Anja Oskamp, and Giovanni Sartor.


This is an international forum for the dissemination of original interdisciplinary research in computational models of legal reasoning; artificial intelligence applications in the legal field, and the legal, social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and law.

Search and Seizure Law Report

edited by John Burkoff.


This is a monthly newsletter focused on Fourth Amendment (search and seizure) law intended for lawyers, judges and academicians.


Artificial Intelligence and Law

edited by Kevin Ashley, School of Law and LRDC; Anja Oskamp, and Giovanni Sartor.



Academic Medicine

edited by Steven L. Kanter, Office of the Vice Dean.

Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

This monthly journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges serves as an international forum for the exchange of ideas, information and strategies that address the major challenges facing the academic medicine community.

Bipolar Disorders: An International Journal of Psychiatry and Neurosciences

edited by K.N. Roy Chengappa, psychiatry, and Samuel Gershon.


This international journal publishes research of relevance for the basic mechanisms, clinical aspects or treatment of bipolar disorders. It intends to provide a single international outlet for new research in this area.

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

edited by Joseph Sanfilippo, medicine.


This multidisciplinary journal serves as an international source of information for physicians and other health care professionals working in pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics

edited by Freddie Fu, orthopaedic surgery.


Pediatric and Developmental Pathology

edited by Miguel Reyes-Mugica, pathology.

Allen Press Publishing Services.

This quarterly journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology covers the spectrum of disorders of early development (including embryology, placentology and teratology), gestational and perinatal diseases and all diseases of childhood.

Pediatric Diabetes

editor-in-chief: Mark A. Sperling, pediatrics; associate editors: Silva Arslanian, pediatrics; Dorothy J. Becker, pediatrics, and Massimo Trucco, pediatrics.


This is the official journal of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. It is a bi-monthly journal devoted to disseminating new knowledge relating to the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes in childhood and adolescence.

Seminars in Ophthalmology

edited by Thomas R. Friberg, ophthalmology.

Informa Healthcare.

This journal presents new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.


The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies

edited by Bob Donnorummo, Russian and East European studies; William Chase, School of Arts and Sciences, and Ronald H. Linden, School of Arts and Sciences; managing editor: Eileen O’Malley, Russian and East European studies.

Center for Russian and East European Studies.


Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

edited by Sally Newman and Mariano Sanchez-Martinez, University of Granada.

The Haworth Press.

This international quarterly journal covers fields such as gerontology, developmental psychology, sociology, social work, communications and anthropology.



edited by James P. Cassaro, Music Library.

Music Library Association/A-R Editions.

This quarterly journal of the Music Library Association has been published since 1934, offering articles on music librarianship, music bibliography and discography, the music trade and music history.




actor: W. Stephen Coleman, theatre arts.

Pittsburgh Public Theater.

Coleman played the role of Baron Van Swieten in this play about the life and music of Mozart, Jan. 24-Feb. 24, 2008.

The American Clock

director: Robert C.T. Steele, theatre arts; actors: Elena Alexandratos, theatre arts; Bruce McConachie, theatre arts, and Doug Mertz, theatre arts.

University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre.

This Arthur Miller play is based on his family and the book “Hard Times” by Studs Terkel. It is about America during the Depression and was performed Feb. 20-March 2, 2008, in the Charity Randall Theatre.

Are We Just Going to Stand and Watch This?

artist: Barbara Weissberger, studio arts.

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center.

This solo exhibition ran April 19-May 30, 2008, in Buffalo.

Blind Dou Wun Remembers His Past: 50 Years of Singing Naamyam in Hong Kong

edited by Bell Yung, music, and Sonia Ng.

Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This six-hour autobiographical song was created and performed by the famed blind singer Dou Wun (1910-1979) and recorded a few years before he died. The song is unique in both oral literature and musical repertory. The set includes six compact discs and a 90-page booklet.

Gab Cody’s GabBag Variety Show

by Sam Turich, theatre arts.

Green Collar Comedy.

This comedy/variety show was staged Dec. 17, 2008, at the Bricolage Theatre in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Democracy: A Steady, Loving Confrontation

directed by Jennifer Saffron, film studies.

University of Pittsburgh.

This is a video of oral histories of Alabama civil rights activists, commenting on their activism in the civil rights movement and on Obama’s presidential bid. This film took first prize in the national Cinemocracy competition and was accepted for the Starz Denver Film Festival.


producer: Colin MacCabe, English; director: Isaac Julien, English.

JN Films.

This is a tribute to artist/independent filmmaker Derek Jarman.

Eight Point Turn

composer: Eric Moe, music.

Meyer Media.

Free at Last? Slavery in Pittsburgh in the 18th and 19th Centuries

history director: Laurence A. Glasco, history; executive-in-charge: Robert Hill; curatorial director: Madelyn Ross; exhibition/catalogue executive creative director: Marci Belchick-Beas; catalogue editorial director: John Harvith.

Robert Hill/University of Pittsburgh.

This exhibition explores in depth the little-known fact that slavery persisted in western Pennsylvania throughout the years directly preceding the Civil War. The exhibit was created by the University in partnership with the Senator John Heinz History Center in observance of the 250th anniversary of the founding of Pittsburgh and the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade in the United States. The exhibit opened Oct. 25, 2008, and runs through April 5, 2009.

Kick & Ride

composer: Eric Moe, music.

Dead Elf Music (Subito Music).

This composition is a concerto for drum set and orchestra. It was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University, and completed at the Montana Artists Refuge in summer 2008.

Middle-Aged White Guys

actor: Doug Mertz, theatre arts.

University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre.

In this play by Jane Martin, Elvis Presley is sent by a female God to save the white man from destroying himself. Mertz played Elvis. This play was staged Sept. 24-Oct. 5, 2008.


written and directed by Sam Turich, theatre arts.

Andrew Halasz and Kristin Lauth Schaeffer.

This short film is a comedy produced as part of “Greetings From Pittsburgh: Neighborhood Narratives.” It played around Pittsburgh between September and December 2008. It also was screened Nov. 15, 2008, at the NYC Horror Film Festival.

My Tale of Two Cities

directed and produced by Carl Kurlander, English.

1905 Productions.

This film is a story about coming home and one of America’s great cities reinventing itself. It stars some of Pittsburgh’s favorite neighbors such as Franco Harris, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Thomas Starzl and Paul O’Neill.

The Odd Couple

actors: Doug Mertz, theatre arts, and Ken Bolden, theatre arts.

Pittsburgh Public Theater.

This classic comedy by Neil Simon was performed May 29-June 29, 2008.

The Odyssey

composed by Florencio Asenjo, mathematics.

Albany Records.

The chief work in this CD is a sequence of seven musical impressions of episodes from “The Odyssey.” The other works are “A Throw of the Dice” and “Resonances.” The disc’s cover art is a reproduction of a painting, titled “Ulysses’ Voyage,” by the late Eduardo Lozano, who was director of the Latin American Collection at Hillman Library.

The Producers

costume designer: Don Mangone, theatre arts.

Summer Repertory Theatre, Santa Rosa Junior College.

This musical by Mel Brooks was staged June 28-Aug. 4, 2008.

Wild Blessings

actor: Holly Thuma, theatre arts.

Perry Mansfield New Works Festival, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville.

This play based on Wendell Berry’s writings was performed June 21, 2008.

The Women

costume designer: Don Mangone, theatre arts.

Summer Repertory Theatre, Santa Rosa Junior College.

This 1938 play by Clare Boothe Luce was staged June 22-July 30, 2008.


Parallel Convergence

by Kong Ho, fine arts, and Martie Geiger-Ho, fine arts.

Keystone College.

This exhibit, featuring 18 paintings by Ho and 18 sculptures by Geiger-Ho, ran Feb. 8-March 14, 2008.


Adolescent Oral Health

by Dennis Ranalli, pediatric dentistry, and Deborah Studen-Pavlovich, pediatric dentistry.

MetLife Insurance Co.

This online guide takes the practitioner on a tour of oral health problems occurring during adolescence while at the same time pointing out the multiple opportunities to establish effective strategies for a lifetime of good oral health.


Research in Action Videos

by Roger D. Klein, psychology in education.


Vol. 1 of this DVD has 25 videos showing cutting-edge research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. Each video is 5-10 minutes long and designed to be used by college instructors who want to introduce students to current research.


Standardized Patient Cases for Teaching Tobacco Cessation

by David Eibling, otolaryngology; John Mahoney, Office of Medical Education; Frank Vitale, School of Pharmacy; Patricia Campbell, and Maurice Clifton, Mercer University.

MedEdPORTAL (Association of American Medical Colleges).

This 162-page curriculum handbook includes eight standardized patient cases, with instructions on how each was used in a tobacco cessation counseling workshop for third-year medical students, plus training and evaluation materials and lecture notes.


Free at Last? Slavery in Pittsburgh in the 18th and 19th Centuries

executive-in-charge: Robert Hill; curatorial director: Madelyn Ross; exhibition/catalogue executive creative director: Marci Belchick-Beas; catalogue editorial director: John Harvith; history director: Laurence A. Glasco, School of Arts and Sciences.

Robert Hill/University of Pittsburgh.

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