Add your voice to the Regional Climate Survey

If you live, work or attend classes in Allegheny County, Pitt’s Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) wants your input on a Regional Climate Survey.

The survey, which takes about five minutes to complete, asks questions about what our region can do about climate change and the land, water, and air quality issues it creates. You’ll be asked about the issues you’re most concerned about and how important they are for municipal governments to address.

The survey will be used in helping local governments in Allegheny County develop a Regional Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the built and natural environments from the effects of climate change.

CONNECT is a nonpartisan initiative that convenes neighboring municipalities, including the city of Pittsburgh, that share borders, challenges, and opportunities in Allegheny County. It is housed in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs’ Center for Metropolitan Studies.