Bike sharing program transitioning; new voucher codes coming

The Healthy Ride bike share bikes and stations closed on April 26 as the program transitions to new stations and bikes under the new name POGOH.

POGOH bikes will be available to rent at select open stations starting April 29 at the standard pay-as-you-go rate — $3.50 for 30 minutes on pedal bikes and $5 for e-assist bikes.

Pitt Mobility is working with POGOH to distribute new voucher codes to existing Healthy Ride at Pitt riders by May 6 when the new program fully launches. All Healthy Ride customers will need to create a new account with POGOH. Your Healthy Ride account will be closed as of April 26.

There will be 38 stations throughout the city. The new program will have a new website,, and a new app: PBSC App.

Visit HealthyRidePGH for more information about the transition including maps and details of the new program.