Cancer and caregiving conference planned for February

The National Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Family Support and Pitt’s Center for Caregiving Research, Education and Policy will host the first Cancer and Caregiving Research Conference and Workshop on Feb. 13 and 14 at the University Club.

The first day is for faculty clinicians, fellows and graduate students. The second day is a workshop for families who are living with cancer.

The goal of the Feb. 13 conference is to highlight research and policy on cancer caregiving, with an emphasis on generating questions to advance the science. Twelve of Pitt’s leading cancer and caregiving researchers will give presentations, along with four other experts. Expert presentations include:

  • “The Why and How: Expanding Support to Cancer Family Caregivers,” by J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom, of the University of Alabama-Birmingham Center for Palliative and Supportive Care

  • “Research Funding Priorities in Cancer Caregiving,” by Michelle Mollica, program director, National Cancer Institute

  • “The Juggle is Real: Beyond Intervention Development to the Integration of Family Caregivers in Cancer Care Delivery,” by Erin Kent, Health Policy and Management, University of North Carolina

  • “Cancer and Caregiving Strategies for the Older Cancer Survivor,” by Shirley Bluethmann, Penn State Department of Public Health

Learn more about the conference and register to attend on the Caregiving center’s website.

The Feb. 14 workshop will provide local and national resources for families facing cancer. To register, contact Marilyn Dice at

The events also are sponsored by the School of Nursing and the Hillman Cancer Centers of UPMC.