Canvas now allows people to specify gender pronouns

Students, faculty and staff now have the option to specify their personal gender pronouns directly within Canvas, the University’s Learning Management System.

Pronouns will be displayed alongside each person’s username on select pages within Canvas, including commonly used pages such as Inbox, Discussions, User Navigation Menu, User Profile and User Settings.

Follow these steps to specify pronouns in Canvas:

  1. Log in to Canvas.

  2. Click Account, then click Settings.

  3. Click Edit Settings on the right-hand side of the screen.

  4. Select your pronouns under the Pronoun drop-down menu.

  5. Click Update Settings.

Separately, you also can specify your preferred pronouns in NameCoach for those Canvas classes that use the “NameCoach Roster” page. NameCoach is an online tool that allows you to record and share the pronunciation of your name with others.

Visit Pitt Information Technology’s website to learn more about specifying your personal gender pronouns.