Chinese Room dinner raising funds for undergraduate, graduate scholarships

The Chinese Heritage Committee for the Chinese Room at the Cathedral of Learning will hold a fundraising dinner on Nov. 5 at the Sheraton Station Square.

The dinner, which starts at 5 p.m. with cocktails and an international holiday boutique, will raise funds for undergraduate scholarships to enable students to study in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan during the summer, and to fund a new Chinese Room Graduate Scholarship.

The graduate scholarship is in honor of Tom Chen, who has agreed to match every donation of $25 or more. He also will give an extra donation based on the number of guests attending the dinner.

At the dinner, the undergraduate students who received the 2018 scholarships will present their experiences studying in China or Taiwan. The evening’s honoree is David Yam, owner of Lulu’s Noodles.

Performances will include the Lion Dance, by the students from Tzu Chi Academy, and the Feather Fan Dance and Flower Hoop Dance, by student in the OCA Dance School.

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