Chronicle of Higher Education releases annual Almanac

On Aug. 20, the Chronicle of Higher Education released its annual Almanac for 2018-19. The figures, which mostly reflect data gathered in 2016, cover everything from faculty and staff pay to tuition rates, endowments and diversity among faculty and students. There’s a tremendous amount of data to wade through, but here are a couple of interesting findings:

  • Pennsylvania had the highest net gain in first-time undergraduate students, with 16,752 resident students leaving the state, and 28,953 migrating to Pa. schools from out of state — a gain of 12,201 students. New Jersey had the greatest loss, at 28,622 students.
  • Pitt’s Oakland campus ranked seventh for total costs for in-state student in 2017-18 — $30,030 total with $19,080 for tuition and $10,950 for room and board. College of William & Mary in Virginia was first with a total in-state cost of $33,843; Penn State main campus was ninth at $29,716.
  • Pitt was 17th in the highest spending on research and development in all fields for fiscal year 2016 — $889,793, an increase of 3.3 percent over 2015. Johns Hopkins University in Maryland was first with $2.4 million in spending.
  • Pitt’s endowment of $3.94 billion ranked 27th, while Penn State was at 26th with $3.99 billion.
  • The four-year graduation rate for Pitt’s main campus — for students who started in 2010 — was 63.7 percent, which ranked 25th for public institutions.
  • Pitt granted 447 research doctorates in fiscal year 2016 — 34th highest for all institutions.
  • Gender and ethnicity breakdown of full-time instruction staff (everything from full professors to lecturers): White, more the 75 percent, with Asian the next highest at 5.8 percent. Men held 53.8 percent of full-time instruction jobs, but men far out-numbered women as full professors — 67.8 percent.
  • UCLA had the highest pay for full-time professors in doctoral programs at $192,310, while Penn State–Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies ranked first in master’s programs ($141,452) and Penn State–Erie in baccalaureate ($126,671). Penn State branch campuses had 10 of the top 20 spots in the baccalaureate institutions list.
  • Average salary change from 2016 to 2017 for faculty members at public institutions: Ranged from 2.9 percent for full professors to 3.7 percent for instructors.
  • Tenure status at four-year public schools: 31.5 percent tenured, 12.6 percent on tenure track, 55.9 percent, not on tenure track.


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