Continuing faculty salaries show 3.5 percent increase

Another month, another salary report.

This time it’s the “Analysis of Salary Increases for Full-Time Continuing Faculty: Fiscal Year 2018 to Fiscal Year 2019.” Robert Goga, director of Institutional Research, presented the report to the University Senate’s Budget Policies committee on April 19. Find the full report here.

For all full-time faculty (excluding the clinical departments of the School of Medicine), the increase in the amount paid for all salaries and the average for individuals was 3.5 percent.

The median increase for the 2,100 faculty members was 2.3 percent. This compares to the 2.1 percent inflation rate for FY 2019 and the 2.25 percent salary pool increase approved by the Board of Trustees Budget and Executive Committees for this year.


See how Pitt compares nationally in the AAUP salary survey, here.


Average increases ranged from 4.8 percent in the School of Law and the School of Computing and Information to 2.7 percent in the School of Social Work and 2.3 percent at Pitt–Titusville.

The report gives a detailed breakdown by school of the number of continuing faculty, the distribution of faculty increases by percentage, the increase in total salaries and the average and median increase for individual faculty members.

There also is a comparison of the numbers of full-time continuing faculty to all full-time faculty by responsibility center. Overall, there were 2,100 continuing faculty (excluding clinical departments in med school) from FY 2018 to FY 2019 compared to a total of 2,611 full-time faculty in FY 2019, putting the portion of continuing faculty at 80.4 percent.

The continuing faculty numbers also are broken down by rank and salary range. The final page of the report shows the increase in the number and total salaries of all full-time faculty by responsibility center. The total for the University (again excluding clinical departments) was 2,553 faculty members in FY 2018 and 2,611 in FY 2019. The increase in total salaries from year to year was 4.2 percent.

— Susan Jones