Download Nextbike app and get ready to take a free Healthy Ride

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Taking advantage of Pitt’s free 30-minute Healthy Rides requires a few simple steps to get started.

The free ride program was started last year by the Office of Sustainability as a pilot project for first-year students and resident assistants. Earlier this month, Pitt announced that added support from the Office of Parking, Transportation and Services and a grant from Pepsi would make the program available to all staff, faculty and students on the Oakland campus this fall.

Healthy Ride, owned and operated by Pittsburgh Bike Share, has 100 stations and 550 bikes across 24 different neighborhoods, including 17 stations in Oakland.

While the bikes can be used for recreation, they are primarily designed as an alternative means of public transportation for short trips in the city.

To access the bike share benefit, visit Healthy Ride’s website and create an account using your Pitt email address. When your account is created, select “voucher” in the Account Settings and enter the personalized code sent to you in an Aug. 11 Pittwire email titled “Free 30-Minute Bike Rides: Get Your Access Code.”  If you cannot find or have issue with your code, email”

You’ll need to enter a payment method in case your ride exceeds 30-minutes or if you want to add a second bike to your ride. The charge is $2 for each subsequent 30 minutes.

Before you go to a station to rent a bike, download the Nextbike app. This will show you where the nearest stations are and let you know if there are bikes available there.

At the station, open the app, log in and then scan the QR code on the bike or enter the number on the bike you want to rent. A number will pop up in the app, which you will enter using the number pad on the back of the bike. This will release the bike lock that goes through the tires. Remove and you’re ready to ride. There’s a holster for the lock, so it doesn’t flap around as you ride.

Bikes can be returned to any station. Just put the bike in the dock and lock it. Press OK on the back of the bike and the screen should read “Returned.” If the station is full, lock the bike to itself near the station.

After you return one bike, you can immediately rent another one to get a separate free 30-minute ride.

For more detailed instructions, as well as educational videos and resources, visit the new Healthy Ride at Pitt website. Also find informational videos on the Office of Sustainability YouTube page.

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