Earn points and prizes from Be Fit Pitt for staying active over the holidays

Be Fit Pitt wants faculty and staff to make sure they are taking care of themselves during the busy holiday season.

After noticing a decline in participation in the University’s health and wellness programs starting Nov. 1, Be Fit Pitt has developed “Creating a Streak” to encourage an active and healthy holiday season.

The campaign, which runs from Nov. 12 to Dec. 14, is a point-based program designed to help participants get up and moving more during the holidays. Moving can include anything from small activity breaks during the workday, taking a fitness class, using a fitness center or home gym, or starting a new training program.

The goal is to create your own personal activity streak and “realize that self-care is not selfish,” according to a news release.

The Be Fit Pitt team will track participants progress throughout the campaign. Points earned will enroll participants into weekly and monthly prize drawings and overall participation statistics will be updated each week.

You do not have to be in a formal exercise regimen to enroll. The Be Fit Pitt team is available to offer encouragement and support to anyone enrolled in the campaign.

Sign ups begin Nov. 1 at www.befitpitt.pitt.edu. After you sign up, the team will be in contact with the next campaign steps.