Employees hitting milestone anniversaries honored at recognition ceremony

The Staff Recognition Ceremony on Dec. 5 honored long-time employees celebrating milestone anniversaries. Staff Council also handed out two scholarships and the Staff Mentor Award.

“Long-term staff members are the life blood of the University — having seen the most dramatic transformations in growth, status and technology at any point in the University’s history,” said Andy Stephany, Staff Council president at the Dec. 12 Senate Council meeting.

“I think there's kind of a natural tendency sometimes when you see people being recognized for 20, 30, 40, 50 years of service, to kind of just think well, it must be because this is such a remarkable place, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said at the Senate Council meeting. “And I think there's a lot of truth to that. Our mission is so compelling that I think people are proud of that and that they're willing to stay here.

“I found myself reflecting on the opposite side. It is those people that have made this place an amazing place to be at. Pitt is people-powered. And I think in this season of reflection and renewal, it is appropriate to just recognize the amazing colleagues that we enjoy here. It's a chance really for the University to thank all of our faculty, students and staff for making this place what it is because that's really what we are in the end.”

The two $500 Endowed Book Fund scholarships went to children of Pitt staff members:

  • Abbygale Andrasko is a sophomore at the Pittsburgh campus pursuing dual degrees in Spanish and Supply Chain Management as well as a certificate in Business Analytics and a German minor. She is the daughter of Melissa Andrasko, who has been at the University since 2018 and is currently in the Department of Pediatrics.
  • Kaylee Shook is a sophomore at the Johnstown campus studying Biochemistry with an English Literature minor.  Her mother, Kimberly Shook, has been at the University since 1988 and is currently in the Department of Career Services at Pitt–Johnstown. 

The Staff Mentor Award went to Michael Arenth, director of Educational Technologies at the University Center for Teaching and Learning. Stephany said that one of the staff members nominating Arenth said, “Since working with Mike, I have gone from having a job to having a career.”

Employees reaching the 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-year marks were honored at the Dec. 5 luncheon. Below are those people, along with staff members celebrating 5- and 10-year anniversaries.

50 years

Henry L. Alexander, School of Medicine, Critical Care Medicine (see related story)

Tina M. DiClemente, University Library Systems (ULS), Administrative Services (who retired earlier this year)

Christine Szalkuski, School of Medicine, Pathology (see related story)

40 years

Matthew R. Barry, Medicine, Immunology,

Photos of the 40-year honorees, their supervisors and Chancellor Gallagher are uploaded to an online photo gallery.

Janet C. Biskup, Greensburg, Office of the President           

Peter J. Buchheit, Bradford, Plant Maintenance & Operations

Mary M. Derkach, Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), Office of the Dean    

Lisa P. Gasswint, University Store

Patsy B. Guzzi Jr., Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC)

Jacquelyn A. Harden, Medicine         

Thomas R. Harper, ULS, Research Support Services 

Karen J. Hess, Katz Graduate School of Business, Office of the Dean

Linda I. Hicks, History of Art & Architecture 

Donna M. King, University Center for Social & Urban Research       

Linda J. Mattiko, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean

Francis J. McSteen, Office of Research Protections

Alcuin R. Mitchell, Public Safety

L. Evon Nigro, Chemistry       

Lynn A. Sakanich, Army Military Science       

Barbara A. Salopek, Law, Instruction

Susan G. Salva, Dental Medicine, Restorative Dentistry/Comprehensive Care        

Mary L. Stibrik, ULS, Administrative Services

Pamela A. Sufka, GSPH, Epidemiology

Raul R. Valles, Computing Services

Marybeth Vasko, Special Events                   

Beth A. Wesoloski, Emergency Medicine                  

Sharon E. Wilson, Johnstown, Social Sciences, General Administration      

30 years

30-year employees on stage

Pamela Jean Allan, Athletics, Advising Center          

Susan M. Andrews, Titusville, Student Affairs                      

Joseph Barca, Print Services  

Rama Bazaz, Engineering, Administration    

Barbara Catherine Beatty, Medicine, Immunology               

Michael C. Bednar, Katz Graduate School of Business, IT Services               

Amy Jo Brenen, Computing Services

Alhaji M. Buhari, Public Health, Biostatistics            

Susan A. Burke, Falk Library

Marie B. Cain, Facilities Management           

Joseph Caretto, Computing Services 

Joseph M. Catone, Housing Administration              

Theodore J. Chergi, Facilities Management  

Scott W. Coffman, Greensburg, Humanities Village 

Susan Marie Conway, Medicine, Cell Biology           

Dianne L. DeNezza, Financial Information Systems  

Robert C. Dilks Jr., Bradford, Admissions      

Julie L. Dionisio, Receiving Services

Wendy Ellen Donehue, Special Events                      

Sharon L. Downey, Health Sciences, Research Administration                    

Timothy C. Frontera, Facilities Management

Paul J. Golvash, Work-in Process Labor                    

Margaret Anne Havran, English                    

Nancy Lambing Heath, Public Health, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology 

Terri L. Jarzynka, Payroll                    

Margarette Noreen Jerin, ULS, Administrative Services                   

Paul F. Kneib, Public Safety

Paul G. Kuchta Jr., Office of the Registrar     

Lisa Marie Machi, Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences    

Barbara A. May, Falk Library 

Todd D. Miller, Greensburg, Facilities Management

John F. Nemmer, Housing Administration.               

Lauren Mae Nomides, Dental Medicine, Dental Anesthesiology      

John J. O'Connor, Facilities Management                 

Michael R. Pavia, Planning and Analysis, Office of the CFO  

Paul J. Petrovich, Office of Enterprise Development, Health Sciences                     

Eric T. Quast, Housing Administration                      

Gale Barbara Podobinski, Nursing, Center for Research and Evaluation      

Robert Rukavina, Johnstown Athletics, General Administration                  

David Schatz, Computing Services     

Sandra Castro Scheirer, Medicine, Neurology                      

John C. Shaw, University Center for Teaching and Learning 

Eli Shorak, Office of the SVC Business and Operations                     

Edward M. Tomkowitz, Public Health, Office of the Dean    

Robert F. Toplak, Chemical/Petroleum Engineering 

Linda R. Turner, Computing Services

James Kennedy Vesco, Office of the CFO     

Marilyn M. Wagener, Medicine        

Thomas C. Waters, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean

Debra Williams, Medicine, Surgery               

James J. Wood, Radiation Safety       

William K. Young, Clinical and Translational Science Institute                     

Debra Ann Ziolkowski, Staff Support, Social Sciences

20 years

20 year employees

Amy Dawn Anderson, Athletics Administration

Delvon Anderson, Information Technology

Marieva B. Anderson, Office of the Registrar

Elizabeth J. Angelo, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs           

Shawn G. Bengston, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine          

Jennifer Kathlyn Bissell, University Center for Social & Urban Research     

Steven Eric Blatt, Computing Services

Marcia Borrelli, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean         

Mary Beth Bowler, Health Sciences, Research Administration        

Suzanne Burdin, Medicine, Radiology                       

Mary L. Butch, Medicine

Linda Henry Colangelo, Public Health, Biostatistics  

Patricia M. Colosimo, Bradford, Blaisdell Hall           

Sheila Elaine Confer, Greensburg, Student Services             

Jennifer Marie Crnkovic, Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Michelle E. Danielson, Public Health, Epidemiology 

Patricia A. Dean, Biological Sciences             

Nikolaos L. Dedousis, Medicine

Lisa Desantes, Institution Review Board                   

Doris A. Dick, Education, Office of Child Development                     

Kathleen Digiacomo, Medicine, Surgery

Anthony G. DiGregorio, Financial Information Systems

Nancy A. Donaldson, Engineering, Office of the Dean                      

Carole Ann Donnelly, Public Health, Biostatistics     

Keith M. Duval, Health and Safety Office

Louella E. Edwards, General Accounting

Robert J. Ellison, Bradford, Computer Center                       

Kathy Mary Enrietto, Falk Library

Ronald L. Fennell, Campus Recreation          

Stephanie Rae Fiely, Titusville, Dormitories  

Gerald Gerard Ford Jr., Facilities Management

Brian Joseph Frankowski, McGowan Institute

Miriam Freeman, Medicine, Surgery

Martha Lou Cunningham Funderburgh, Medicine, Ophthalmology             

Xue Hui Geng, Dental Medicine, Craniofacial Regeneration             

Megan Catherine Greenawalt, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation

Sean S. Halbleib, Housing Administration     

Jeremiah Wilbur Hall, Facilities Management           

Paul William Hanbury Jr., SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology

Christina Lynn Graham Hansen, Bradford, Student Affairs

Pamela Lynn Harris, Public Health, Biostatistics                   

Robert Darnell Henderson, Facilities Management

Melissa Jean Ibanez, Bradford, Student Aid  

Lynda L. Ihrig, Medicine                     

Jason J. Janicki, Office of Finance

Sharon L. Jasneski, ULS, Research & Educational Support

Meme Chi Mei Jeffries, Law, Student Affairs

Carla Jean Johnson, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine

Granville Johnson, Facilities Management

Cindy S. Johnston, Public Health, Environmental/Occupational Health                   

Christopher W. Jones, Office of University Communications

Sandra J. Kaiser, Business Administration, Student Records/Advising                     

Kellie Jeanne Kane, Admissions & Financial Aid                    

Nadia Jean Kasinec, Dental Medicine, Restorative Dentistry/Comprehensive Care

Alice D. Katsur, UPCI Administration, Office of the Director

Dwight L. Keim, Johnstown, Campus Police              

Kathleen Kennedy, Nursing, Center for Research and Evaluation

Joseph A. Kinney, Computing Service

Amy H. Klym, Medicine, Radiology               

Eric M. Larson, Office of Research    

Michael P. Laughlin, LRDC

Nicole Marie Leckenby, Public Health, Epidemiology                       

Heather Lynn Lego, Financial Information Systems

Michelle S. Lemenager, Institution Review Board                

Rhonda A. Lincoln, Medicine 

Melody Macey-Kalcevic, Public Health, Epidemiology                     

Judith M. Mangan, Public Health, Biostatistics         

Robert A. Maringo Jr., SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology

Timothy P. McCann, Medicine, Immunology

Susan Kay McCarthy, Office of University Counsel

Warren J. McCoy, Office of Diversity and Inclusion              

Margaret P. McGill, ULS, Special Collections & Preservation

Tiffany J. McGinnis, Office of Research

Eric McGuire, Facilities Management

Teresa Pascoe McKaveney, Institution Review Board                      

Felice Mercadante, Parking, General Administration

Nick Mihailoff III, Biological Sciences

Carol Mae Miller, Office of the Registrar      

Jon Milliren, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Operations and Quality Administration

Jason T. Moore, Biomedical Science Tower Housekeeping

Alan R. Muska, Facilities Management

Alexander P. Nazemetz, Bradford, Admissions         

Nicole Yvonne Neely, Titusville, Registrar's Office    

Elizabeth Nero, Medicine, Office of the Dean

Rani Carol Nowicki, Laboratory Animal Resources, Administration Services

Colleen M. O’Neil, Admissions & Financial Aid

William J. O’Neill, Work-in Process Labor

Jennifer L. Parknavy, Athletics Administration

Patricia Carroll Paulson, Medicine

Tracy Dianne Payne, Facilities Management

Gina M. Peirce, UCIS, Office of the Director 

Michael Perry II, Work-in Process Labor

Patricia Elizabeth Peters, Medicine

Darina Protivnak, SHRS, Occupational Therapy        

Frank S. Puchalski, Social Work, Academic Programs

Michael Thomas Ranieri, Office of Research            

Elaine A. Reynolds, Facilities Management

Leslie L. Rhinehart, Bradford, Student Affairs           

Clayton Dennis Robinson, Panther Central

Vaughnette Rogers, Facilities Management

Joseph K. Ruffing, SHRS, Rehabilitation Science and Technology                 

Carla Ann Sanchez, Dental Medicine, Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics

Courtenay A. Sashin, Public Health, Epidemiology

Arlene A. Sains, Medicine, Immunology       

Beth Schoedel, Athletics Administration

Karen Marie Sciulli, Admissions & Financial Aid                   

Susan Katz Sherlock, Education, Grants Management                     

Donna Sue Shields, Medicine, Radiation Oncology   

Eleanor Edna Shirley, Medicine, Surgery      

Michele Lee Shuey, Greensburg, Academic Affairs               

Nilla Maria Siniawski, Student Financial Services

Susan L. Slagel, Health and Safety Office

Georgia D. Spears, Staff Support, Social Sciences                 

Cynthia Marie Stonebraker, Medicine                      

Lisa Rose Swedowski, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs        

Lori Gaston Thiry, Medicine              

Laverne Thomas, Facilities Management

Antoine M. Vaughn, Facilities Management

John Viaropulos, Medicine, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics             

Jennifer L. Walker, Office of the Provost                  

Frank Joseph Weber, Facilities Management

Amy Marie Wesolowski, Medicine                  

Stephanie L. Whatule, Advising Center

Debora L. Whitfield, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs                      

Pamela D. Williams, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs                      

Jamie Michelle Wincovitch, University Child Development Center

Amanda Sue Wolf-Johnston, Medicine                     

10 years

Jamie Mae Adams, Medicine

Kenneth Ray Allen, Housing Administration             

Yasser M. Al Maghazachi, Computing Services           

Juliane Banks, Medicine, Otolaryngology

Joanna Margaert Barr, Engineering, Office of the Dean       

Lisa Ann Barry, Public Health, Biostatistics

Monica Lee Bell, Engineering, Operations

Brandi Liskey Belleau, School of Computing and Information, Student Affairs        

Patricia G. Boehler, Office of University Counsel

Rebecca D. Boes, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Charles Daniel Borromeo, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Matthew C. Bosco, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Jacqueline M. Bosworth, Bradford, Plant Maintenance & Operations

Robert Patrick Breze, Central Support Staff

Karol Louisa Bright, University Child Development Center               

Jason D. Brobeck, Financial Information Systems                 

Melissa A. Brusoski, Social Work, Academic Programs         

Mary Kaye Bucher, Office of University Counsel

Daniel S. Bushnell, Medicine, Pediatrics

Teresa Marie Cameron, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean

Cynthia Marie Cercone, Medicine, Medicine

Dakshayini Guddenahalli Chandrashekarappa, Medicine, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

David Chao, Computing Services       

Kristine M. Cihil, Medicine, Surgery

Paolo Ciniello, Facilities Management          

Samuel Clancy, Athletics Administration      

Karen Lee Clark, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Theresa A. Clark, Housing Administration                 

Diane Roth Cohen, GSPIA, Office of the Dean           

Wendy Irene Colbert, University Child Development Center

Brittany Lynn Croker, Office of Research

Diane Marie Cromo, Pitt Arts

Paul J. Dee Jr., Medicine, Pediatrics, Research Administration

Linda Caroline Delahanty, Medicine, Pediatrics, Research Administration

Kelli Marie DeLallo, Medicine, Pediatrics

Alexis A. Delgrosso, Bioengineering

James T. DeMuzzio, Housing Administration            

Sharon Ann DiBridge, Medicine, Pediatrics

Emmylou Dawn Dick, GSPIA, Career Services

Linda Duchak, Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice

Elizabeth C. Dummer, Research Support Services    

Jennifer Ann Ely, Health and Physical Activity                      

Sharon Slingerland England, Mechanicsburg, Child Welfare Training Programs                 

Carrie Christopher Fascetti, Clinical and Translational Science Institute                  

Christopher James Fedor, Medicine, Developmental Biology

Susan M. Ferraro, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean                   

Anne Marie Fisher, Nursing, Acute and Tertiary Care

Matthew France, Chemical/Petroleum Engineering 

David Duane Galloway, Public Health, Public Health Dynamics Lab

Veronica Ann Gazdik, History of Art & Architecture 

Lisa Catherine Gensler, Medicine, Pediatrics Research Administration

Amanda Gentry, Nursing, Health & Community Systems

Blaine Damon Givner, Facilities Management          

Cynthia Golden, University Center for Teaching and Learning                     

Susan O’Malley Goodwin, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean                  

Robert M. Gradeck, University Center for Social & Urban Research

Victoria Ann Groce, Medicine, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

David K. Groscost, Medicine, Pediatrics

Mark Tracey Guyton, Pittsburgh, Campus Buildings             

David E. Hallam, Public Health, Epidemiology

Mary Ann Haralam, Medicine, Pediatrics

Jillian Sue Harr, Laboratory Animal Resources, Veterinary Services

Elizabeth Ross Hartigan, Medicine, Pediatrics

Emily Heineman, Medicine, Pediatrics

Matthew A. Henkel, Medicine, Pediatrics

Gerald John Heukeshoven, Laboratory Animal Resources, CHP       

Adam Hobaugh, Computing Services

Karen Ann Howells, Public Health, Biostatistics

Debra Hunter, Housing Administration         

Susan M. Isola, Greensburg, University Relations & Development

Noreen A. Jeffrey, Medicine, Pediatrics

Abby Elizabeth Johnston, Clinical and Translational Science Institute                     

Jacqueline Marie Jones-Laughner, Health Sciences, Core Research Facilities                      

Anuradha Karunanidhi, Medicine, Pediatrics

Christopher Kirchhof, Instruction, Freshman Program                     

John H. Knox III, Office of the Dean, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences   

Donna M. Kramer, Sponsored Projects, Accounting             

Donald Nathan Krieger, Medicine, Neurological Surgery

Yong Kook Kwon, Medicine, Pathology

Courtney Colonna Kuza, Health Sciences, Office of Administration 

Lauren B. Lagana, SHRS, Physical Therapy

Lori Anne Landefeld, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean  

Tracy K. Larson, Education, Office of Child Development                 

Myoung Keun Lee, Dental Medicine, Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics 

Peter Lennon, Medicine, Developmental Biology

Sam Lewis, Admissions & Financial Aid                     

Desheng Li, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Jie Li, Public Health, Health Policy & Management

Shufang Li, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Paul M. Liniger, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry  

Xiaoning Liu, Medicine, Cell Biology

Jie Lu, Medicine, Pediatrics

Mary Beth Lucius, Dental Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry

Alexander Mikhailovich Makhov, Medicine, Structural Biology

Shari Dee Manges, Office of SVC Research   

Catherine A. Mann, Medicine, Pediatrics, Research Administration

Wendy Mae Martellotti, Dental Medicine, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics         

Mary Lin Martinez, Public Health, Epidemiology

Janice Elaine Matisko, Medicine, Pediatrics

Meredith Leigh Mavero, Institute of Politics

Jason Piers McDonald, Engineering, Information Technology                      

Pamela Lynne McDonnell, Public Safety       

Traci L. McGaha, Medicine, Cardiovascular Institute

Jeremiah D. McKain, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Office of the Dean       

Kathleen Miller McKay, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean

Miriam Timm Messick, Education, Office of Child Development     

Joshua Jeremy Michel, Medicine, Pediatrics 

Paul Anthony Migale, Facilities Management                       

Briana N. Mihok, Institute of Politics

Linette Christine Milkovich, Medicine, Pediatrics

Harry Graffious Miller, Titusville, Dormitories

John T. Milnes, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Lacey Alyssa Mock, Laboratory Animal Resources, CHP                   

Christina Mae Zinger Morse, Medicine, Medicine

Darleen Noah, Medicine, McGowan Inst Regenerative Medicine

Flora Olabopo, Medicine, Pediatrics

Lynnette Orlansky, Medicine, Pediatrics

Sara Marie Parisi, Public Health, Epidemiology

Kimberly A. Morrow Parker, Housing Administration          

Debra Sue Parrotta, Student Financial Services                    

Kenzy Piersaint, Computing Services

Marcia Ann Pope, Medicine, Pediatrics

Ann M. Porada, Athletics Administration                  

David J. Pore, Housing Administration          

Dana Michele Powell, Medicine

Leslie Ann Prines, Facilities Management AVC                     

Kelly Ann Puglisi, Medicine, Pathology

Youssef Rbaibi, Medicine

Rebecca M. Roadman, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean

Carrie Ann Rodzwicz, University Center for Social & Urban Research         

Christine Rosenhoover Jackson, SHRS, Occupational Therapy

Andrea Rudek, Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs         

William D. Rupp, Computing Services

Tara M. Rutledge, Medicine, Pediatrics

Marcus J. Ryan, Facilities Management

Rachel Elizabeth Sada, Medicine, Pediatrics

Amanda Jane Saylor, Medicine

Brian Scheidlmeier, Facilities Management              

Michael C. Schmittle, Scaife Hall, Housekeeping      

Gillian M. Scott, Health and Physical Activity            

Anuradha Sehrawat, Medicine, Surgery

Amy Elizabeth Seroky, Medicine, Otolaryngology

James Thomas Seroky, Medicine, Otolaryngology

Rahil Sethi, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Tyler W. Simpson, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Jenifer Constance Slinskey, Office of Technology Management      

Denise Renea Smalley, Clinical and Translational Science Institute 

Jennifer Lynn Smith, Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute

Margaret L. Soncini, Educational and Compliance Office     

Karla J. Stewart, UPCI Information/Referral             

Krista Quinn Stokes, General Studies, General Administration                    

Karoline Swiontek, Studio Arts                      

Jian Tan, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Ilene Silverman Tobias, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation   

Jessica McCoy Townsend, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Scott J. Trickett, Cost Accounting                  

Rebecca Hohmann Uber, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Maria Suyapa Vanegas, Office of Technology Management

Ryan P. Varley, Athletics Administration       

Michael P. Vincent, Public Safety                  

Lisa A. Votodian, University Center for Teaching and Learning                    

Erh-Hsuan Wang, Pharmacy, Pharmacy & Therapeutics

Victor J. Washy, Public Health, Epidemiology

Christian Mark Antony Watkins, Computing Services                      

Dennis Michael Weimer, Work-in Process Labor                  

Sean-Paul Gerard Williams, Medicine, Aging Institute

Kourtney A. Wofford, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine

Deanna M. Wolkiewicz, Biological Sciences              

Meishu Xu, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science

Quanwei Yang, Medicine

Xiaoling Yang, Animal Imaging Core Support            

Colleen Patricia Young, Education, Office of Child Development                 

Brian M. Zalar, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean

Ting Zhang, Medicine, Surgery

Michael George Zoffel, Medicine, Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

5 years

Justin K. Abraham, Public Safety       

Margaret Abraham, Medicine, Pediatrics                 

Jeremiah Thomas Airhart, Computing Services                    

Niyatie Ammanamanchi, Medicine, Pediatrics         

Kim S. Anderson, Student Financial Services            

Justin Peter Antoszewski, Greensburg, University Relations & Development         

Stacy A. Ash, Computing Services

Jennifer Rae Avolio, Clinical and Translational Science Institute                  

Alexis Breanna Chanie Ball, Facilities Management

Mackenzie L. Ball, SCI, Computer Science     

Samantha Joan Baird, University Child Development Center                       

Nancy Westerlund Barca, Medicine, Pathology                    

Jessica Danielle Barge, Housing Administration                   

Susan Lynn Barr, Health and Physical Activity          

Brian C. Barrett, Nursing, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations                  

Karen A. Bayus, The Pitt Shop           

Shane Christopher Belin, Medicine               

Lisa M. Bemis, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery                      

Emily Ann Bennett, Career Center

Wendy Bennett, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation              

Luke Malchow Bergenthal, Medicine, Drug Discovery Institute                   

Kathleen M. Betts, SHRS, Physical Therapy   

Jodi Ann Burns, Bradford, Academic Development Center              

Chunming Bi, Medicine, Immunology

Joseph Nick Bia II, Computing Services

Thomas Edward Bingham, Facilities Management               

Jason M. Bollinger, Financial Information Systems               

Elizabeth Jane Born, Health Sciences, Office of Academic Career Development     

Patrick John Bowman, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Annual Programs     

Devin Alline Boyles, Medicine, Center for Vaccine Research

Yvonne Brewster, Medicine, Surgery            

Jennifer Lynn Bronson, Office of the Registrar

Gina M. Brooks, Public Health, Behavioral & Community Health Sciences              

David E. Busch, LRDC             

Joseph Edward Butchko, SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology                 

Zachary Joseph Byrnes, Office of Research               

Alyssa Marie Camerota, Career Center                     

Yvonne M. Cannon, Medicine           

Nickie Cappella, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics              

Troy William Caro, Computing Services

Barbara Bailey Carryer, Innovation Institute             

Victoria S. Casilli, University Center for Social & Urban Research                

Michael Walter Castiglione, Medicine, Drug Discovery Institute                 

Maria Beatriz Coelho Catelani, SHRS, Physical Therapy                    

Cynthia A. Cavallucci.  Medical and Health Sciences Foundation     

Lisa R. Chedwick, Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute                      

Fenghua Chen, Medicine, Neurology            

Xiukai Chen, Medicine

Om Prakash Choudhary, Medicine, Computational and Systems Biology                

Laurie Lynn Cochenour, SHRS, Office of the Dean

Rachel Ketler Cohen, Clinical and Translational Science Institute    

Laura J. Conter, Medicine, Immunology                   

Owen J. Cooks, Facilities Management, AVC

Sandra L. Copeland, Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Nancy L. Cottom, Nursing, Office of the Dean                      

Julie Elizabeth Crites, Payroll             

Amanda Brown Cross, Education, Office of Child Development

Emilee Jean Croswell, Medicine        

Christina M. Curci, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry

Heather L. Dandar, Medicine            

Cecily Dyan Davis, Education, Office of Child Development

Michael K. Davis, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics            

Alex Michael Deise, Medicine, Pathology                 

Lauren Nicole DelSignore, Honors College, Office of the Dean                    

Barbara Marie DeRenzo, Medicine               

Paula Dern, Sponsored Projects Accounting             

Max David Dervin, Work-in Process Labor    

Jacqueline Michelle Detty, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean                

Poonam Deep Dhillon, ULS, Administrative Services

Melissa Ann Dias-Mandoly, University Press Director                      

Diana M. Dill, ULS, Administrative Services              

Michael A. Dimpel, Student Financial Services         

Renee Elizabeth Dinuzzo, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation            

Joseph Franklin DiPasqua II, Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs

Elaine Nadine Dizak, Dental Medicine, Oral Biology 

Denise Ray Downs, Medicine, Office of the Dean                 

Kayla Joan Dunn, Residence Life, Central Administration

Regina Elizabeth Dutz, Medicine, Pathology 

Megan Eileen Edwards, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation  

Denise Ann Esposto, Education, Office of Child Development                     

Courtney A. Euker, Medicine, McGowan Institute               

Evan A. Facher, Innovation Institute

Diane L. Fajbik, LRDC 

Lori J. Faulkner, Bradford, Athletics              

Max Andrew Fedor, Medicine, Otolaryngology                    

Jeff Fenice, Medicine, Neurology                  

Deanna Jo Ferchak, Falk School

Patricia Nancy Fields, Housing Administration                     

David Lee Finney, Johnstown, Physical Plant, General                     

Carrie Christine Fogel, Eye and Ear Advancement    

Brett John Foley, Veterans Services              

Zachary D. Foster, Bradford, Athletics

Abigail Locke Foulds, Public Health, Behavioral & Community Health Sciences                  

Pamela Marie Freger, Greensburg, Student Health Service             

Amy Aline Frisbie, Medicine, Office of the Dean      

Jason Daniel Furente, Falk Library                 

Perry Joseph Thomas Ganchuk, University Center for Teaching and Learning                    

Jenny Gardner, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs   

Casey Anne Garrow, Athletics Administration                      

Adam David Gaus, Student Affairs, Marketing and Communications

Kari Ann Giles, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs

Keith Blake Gillogly, Health Sciences, Academic Affairs

Sheba K. Gittens, Academic Resource Center

Sarah May Goldberg, Medicine, Neurology              

Amber L. Goldian, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean                   

Clinton T. Graham, ULS, Information Technology     

Seth Thomas Graham, Athletics Administration                   

LaKeisha Camille Gray, Benefits        

Marissa Pacey Griffith, Medicine                  

Scott A. Hahn, Medicine                    

Thomas Patrick Hahner, Medicine, Neurological Surgery                

Alastair McNeish Hamilton, GSPIA, D.C. Office

Jordan J. Hammill, Dental Medicine, Information Technology                     

Ashley Marie Harner, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine       

Stepanka Hauskrecht, Facilities Management, AVC 

Rimi Hazra, Medicine             

Charles Eliot Head, Facilities Management               

Andrew Scott Headlee, Athletics Administration

Lisa L. Hill, Student Financial Services           

David C. Himelright Jr., Integrated Security  

James Donald Hoelle, Facilities Management           

Stephen Michael Holt, Payroll           

Michele Erin Hop, Admissions & Financial Aid          

Laurie Kay Hope, Medicine    

Andrew P. Hornyak, Computing Services

Patrick W. Hughes, UCIS, Office of the Director                    

David Humphreys, Student Health Service

Janet L. Ingram, Medicine                 

Sara Elizabeth Izzo, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation              

Anastasia M. Jacko, Public Health, Human Genetics            

Anna Flynn Jackson, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee            

Stephen Michael Joachim, Medicine, Immunology              

Jacob Edward Johnson, Dental Medicine, Dental Instruments

Marcie Elizabeth Johnson, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Alumni Relations           

Michelle Denise Johnson, Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences                   

William Neil Johnston, Residence Life, Central Administration        

Walter T. Kalista III, Johnstown, Physical Plant, General      

Caralynn A. Kassabov, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation     

Joni Caitlin Keating, SHRS, Student Affairs                

Doris Laverne Keen, Housing Administration           

Lisa J. Keller, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, University Development                     

Caroline Marie Kengor, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation               

Kyle Raymond Kenia, Community Leisure Learn Projects                 

Blair P. Kenrick, Public Health, Behavioral & Community Health Sciences              

Jamie L. Kephart, Scaife Hall Housekeeping              

William T. Kershaw-Brown, Facilities Management             

Nancy J. Kirkwood, Center for Creativity                  

Cynthia R. Klamar Blain, Medicine                

Michaela Moyer Klco, Psychology                 

Melissa Louise Knox, Nursing, Health & Community Systems                      

Allison Cathryn Koller, Medicine, Emergency Medicine       

Ashley M. Kosko, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, Undergraduate Studies,                  

Shawn E. Kotermanski, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology                 

Sheila Therese Kudrick, Greensburg, University Relations & Development             

Jason Andrew Kumpel, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Office of the Dean,  

Michele Marie Lagnese, Academic Resource Center            

Shubhangi Lal, Bioengineering

Victoria Clavelli Lancaster, Faculty Records

Nicole Ann Lance, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs                       

Michael F. Lann, Public Health, Biostatistics 

Rachel Marie Latsko, Health Sciences, Office of Academic Career Development

Donielle May Lazzari, Medicine, Pediatrics Research Administration          

Tabitha Anne Leary, Johnstown, Campus Police                   

Jiyoung Lee, Medicine, Computational and Systems Biology           

Kathryn Leigh Lemon, UPCI, Basic Research Administration            

Ethan C. Lennox, Medicine                

Angela C. Leshinski, Medicine, Pediatrics                 

Dena Marie Ley, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation              

Joseph Donald Leyh, Housing Administration           

Jingyi Li, Medicine, Surgery               

Kathryn C. Little, Medicine, Cardiothoracic Surgery             

Yang Liu, Health Sciences Core Research Facilities               

Paula Jo Lundgren, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs                     

Daniel Patrick Lynch, Greensburg, Police                  

Cressida Lennox Magaro, University Center for Teaching and Learning

Alexandra Maria Magee, Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences     

Alycia Ann Maltony, Dental Medicine, Student Affairs                     

Ryan Lee Mancini, Facilities Management    

Kimberly J. Marcellin, Bradford, Academic Development Center                

Taber Sarah Maskrey, Chemistry       

William Douglas Mathias, Public Safety                    

Lindsey Lee Matson, Johnstown, General Administration                

Michael G. Matta, Public Safety                    

Michelle Marie Mattys, University Child Development Center                    

Joshua Bradley Maurer, Biological Sciences             

Maureen Ellen McAniff, Medicine, Neurological Surgery                 

Stacie L. McAllister, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation                     

Kathleen Conners McCarthy, Medicine, OB-Gyn & Reproductive Science   

Conor Seamus McCollum, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs             

Randall Lee McCready, Admissions & Financial Aid

Brianna Lynn McDonough, Pharmacy, Pharmacy & Therapeutics               

Sally McKelvey, Bioengineering                     

Stacy Leigh McLinden, Psychology    

Irene C. Pyptyk McStay, University Store                  

Elizaveta Veniamino Menchikova, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology            

James Franklin Mentzer II, Law, Career Planning

Andrea Michelle Albert Merovich, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs         

Edward J. Metro, Facilities Management                  

Heather Marie Michael, Medicine                

Joyce R. Mihalich, Greensburg, Facilities Management        

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Miklush, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs

John Patrick Miller, Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice                       

Robin Ann Miller, Dental Medicine, Clinical Affairs              

Aaron R. Milliken, Public Health, Biostatistics                       

Han-Tsung Marcus Min, Psychology 

Anita Marie Minahan, Dental Medicine, Dental Instruments

Ralph T. Moeslein, Pittsburgh Campus Buildings                  

Daisy Elizabeth Monier, Dental Medicine, Craniofacial Regeneration         

Barbara Grace Butti Moore, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery            

Sherra Lynn Moors, Greensburg, Conferences         

Andrew J. Moran, Pittsburgh Campus Buildings

Heather Leigh Mordecki, Engineering, Assistant Dean for Diversity

Elina Mukherjee, Medicine, Pediatrics

Jesse Jordan Mullen, College of Business Administration, Student Records/Advising                     

Michael Martin Mullen III, Computing Services

Edward George Nemanic Jr., Medical and Health Sciences Foundation      

Lee Ann New, Medicine, Surgery

Erika L. Ninos, Pitt Serves                  

Joseph Daniel Nolfi, University Center for Teaching and Learning               

Nazir Ahmad Noori, UCIS, Office of the Director                  

Donovan Raymar Norris, Housing Administration                

Katherine Evelyn Nussbaum, Bradford, Hanley Library        

Colleen C. O’Hara, Medicine, McGowan Institute

Shannon Casey O'Reilly, UCIS, Office of the Director

Emiola Babajide Oriola Jr., Cross Cultural & Leadership Development        

Edward A. Ostrowski, Johnstown, Campus Police                

Michael Anthony Pacelli III, Greensburg, Computer Services           

Shannon Huygens Paliotta, Office of University Counsel                  

Stephanie Dade Panach, Health Sciences Research Administration

Rachel Lynn Moule Parkin, Public Safety                  

Emily Jean Patterson, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs     

Brittany Pavlinsky, Laboratory Animal Resources, Veterinary Services                    

Dennis Pawlowski Jr., Scaife Hall Housekeeping

Tasha Nicole Peacock, Admissions & Financial Aid

Andressa Z. Pena, Medicine, Surgery

Brian Michael Petersen, Clinical and Translational Science Institute           

Sherri I. Peterson, Pharmacy, Pharmacy & Therapeutics                 

Kellen T. Petrone, Athletics Administration              

Kimberly Dee Phillips, Public Health, Office of the Dean      

Christine Anne Platania, Medicine, Otolaryngology             

Gary V. Pollock, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, University Development                 

Sowmya Lakshmi Polu, Medicine      

Lisa M. Porco, Facilities Management           

Marco Frederick Pugliese, Pharmacy, Pharmacy & Therapeutics

Michele Renee Rager, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry               

Brittany Ann Rahuba, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry                

Nyesha Shashina Rainey, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery                 

Archana Rajagopal, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs

Kimberly Joy Rak, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine 

Stacy Lyn Rakar, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean                      

Robert J. Rakow, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Corporate and Foundation Relations 

Carly Nicole Ramer, Residence Life, Central Administration            

Nicholas Lee Reffuge, Admissions & Financial Aid                

Xiakeer Refukati, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry           

Shawn Michael Reming Jr., Office of the SVC and Provost

Christopher James Reye, Business Administration, Career Services            

Shannon Marie Ridenour, Bradford, Student Affairs            

Benjamin Andrew Ringelholtz, Integrated Security  

Lisa Michelle Ripper, Medicine, Pediatrics    

Kimberly A. Robinson, SHRS, Rehab Sci & Tech        

Richard R. Rode, Panther Central                  

Jillian Alleyne Rodgers, GSPIA, Office of the Dean                

Karri Renee Rogers, Katz Graduate School of Business, Office of the Dean 

Wesley Rosso, Facilities Management                      

Margaret Miriam Ruck, Office of the Dean, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Kelly Mitchell Runco, Mathematics

Barbara D. Ruprecht, Student Affairs            

Brian D. Samec, Financial Information Systems                    

Sean Gregory Saul, Medicine, Family Medicine                    

Corinne Schneider, Medicine, Pediatrics

Michael R. Seidel, Admissions & Financial Aid

Joseph Andrew Seitz, Computing Services

Richard G. Shafer, Computing Services

Jane Margaret Sharpless, Medicine, Neurological Surgery              

Diana Maria Shemenski, UCIS, Office of the Director           

Erin Grace Siemon, Dental Medicine, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery             

Alka Singh, SCI, Student Affairs         

Elizabeth Ann Sismour, Katz Graduate School of Business, Academic Support Services     

Julia Lynne Skrinjar, Laboratory Animal Resources, Veterinary Services     

Michelle Ann Smith, Housing Administration           

Carley Ann Snoznik, Medicine, Pediatrics                 

Roderick M. Spithaler, Dental Medicine, Information Technology   

Paul Stanick, Medicine, Neurological Surgery                       

Sandra Starr, Financial Information Systems            

Lawrence Alexander Steave, Biomedical Science Tower Housekeeping                  

Elizabeth Mary Stempkowski, Medicine       

Jessica Christine Stillman, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, University Development             

Kristen Marie Stratton, Greensburg, Career Services           

Tracie Ann Stufft, Psychology            

Aihua Su, Medicine, Neurobiology                

Kai Su, Medicine, Pediatrics  

Jessica Hoi-Ting Sun, UCIS, Office of the Director     

Carole Margaret Sweetall, Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute        

Michael J. Sweezer, Falk Library                    

Laura A. Sylvia, Admissions & Financial Aid  

Scott R. Szypulski, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine             

Michael Taljan, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, University Development     

Juliana Maria Tambellini, Medicine               

Brian John Tamburro, Financial Information Systems          

Aravind Reddy Tarugu, Medicine      

Jacques Taylor, Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry  

Mandy Ann Theys, Johnstown, Physical Plant, Custodial                 

Uriel Roderick Thompson, Housing Administration  

Shelley L. Ticjak, Medicine, Pediatrics Research Administration

Heather Lin Trainor, Katz Graduate School of Business, Office of the Dean            

Janice M. Trygar, Katz Graduate School of Business, Office of the Dean

Cherlyn R. Tucker, Facilities Management    

Brittany Alyssa Turley-Frund, Benefits                      

James Marvin Van Poolen, Financial Information Systems  

Andrea Lee Curry Varela, Electrical and Computer Engineering                   

Matthew David Vecchio, General Accounting                      

Margaret Versaw, Dental Medicine, Dental Anesthesiology

David Earl Vessels, Housing Administration              

Kathleen M. Vignali, Medicine, Immunology

Andrea Vujanovic, Public Health, Biostatistics                      

Mark William Waechter, Integrated Security           

Marcia A. Walsh, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean        

Jeff R. Walzer, Computing Services

Meghan Wander, SHRS, Rehab Sci & Tech                

Michael James Ward, Medicine, Neurological Surgery                     

Lisa Juanita Washington, Medicine, Pediatrics                     

Michelle Lynn Wassell, Medicine, Neurological Surgery      

Valarie Anne Weinzierl, Nursing, Health & Community Systems                 

Sarah R. Weissman, Law, Career Planning                

Chynna Cheree West, Facilities Management                      

Erin Suzanne Wheeler, Career Center          

Eliza A. White, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs    

Robert George Wible, Law, Office of the Dean         

Luke T. Wiehagen, Health Sciences Core Research Facilities            

Tania Francis Wilbon, Facilities Management           

Brett Neal Wildfeuer, Medicine                    

Kaitlyn Marie Williams, Health Sciences Research Administration  

Sharon Marie Williams, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs

David R. Wirfel, Johnstown, Physical Plant, Maintenance                

Ross O. Wolcott, ULS, Archives Service Center                     

Angela C. Wolfe, Bradford, Student Affairs               

Kathleen Ann Woodhall, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Corporate and Foundation Relations       

Paul Robert Woods Jr., UPCI, Research-Steinman    

Andrea Lynn Workman, Medicine, Immunology                  

Man Wu, Neuroscience

Charles D. Wyant, Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Corporate and Foundation Relations     

Qinzi Xu, Medicine                 

Michelle A. Yingling, Career Center   

Emilee Joanna Yormick, Bradford, Dormitories        

Samantha Lynn Young, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation   

Alevtina Dmitrievna Zharikov, Medicine, Neurology

Donald Stephen Zulka, Print Services  

Thomas Michael Zullo, Panther Central