Employees will get 3 extra paid days off at winter break

For the second year in a row, Pitt employees will get three extra paid days off during winter break in recognition of all their hard work during the past year, according to an emailed announcement today from David DeJong, senior vice chancellor for business & operations.

The break, which was originally scheduled to begin on Dec. 23, will now start on Monday, Dec. 20, which effectively makes Friday, Dec. 17, the last workday of the year for most Pitt employees. University offices will reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

Full- and part-time employees who have to work any of the winter break days will get time off at a later date.

  • Non-exempt (biweekly pay) employees who are required to work any day from Dec. 20 to 22 will be awarded hours equal to the hours worked during that period to use toward time off through the following pay period ending Jan. 8, 2022. If the time awarded is not used by the end of the following pay period, the hours will be automatically paid out in full in the Jan. 14 pay.

  • Exempt (monthly pay) employees who are required to work any day from Dec. 20 to 22 will be able to take time off in the future without recording it on their time card; the additional accrued time from working during the recess will not be recorded in Pitt Worx.

“We have faced another extraordinary year,” DeJong’s email said and added that the extra days are “in appreciation of the remarkable efforts of our faculty and staff to keep our community safe.”

This year temporary employees and those represented by a union also are eligible for the extra days off. 

  • Temporary employees who work at least 18.75 hours per week and who have worked at the University for at least three months as of Dec. 19, 2021, will be paid according to their regular/typical schedule for Dec. 20 to 22. 

  • Represented employees will be provided approved absence days for Dec. 20 to 23, according to their regular/typical schedule. If a represented employee is required to work any day from Dec. 20 to 23, they will be provided with another approved absence day to be used by June 30, 2022. Represented staff should work with their supervisors should they have any questions regarding these approved absence days.

“The University’s senior leadership team recognizes the difficulties many have faced this year and appreciates everyone’s hard work throughout the pandemic,” DeJong said in the email. “It is with gratitude that they join me in extending this extra time off and wishing you all a healthy, happy holiday season.”

Detailed information about how staff and temporary employees should complete their time cards via Pitt Worx during the winter recess will be posted on the Office of Human Resources’ website soon.

— Susan Jones


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