Final members selected for SVC search committee

The search committee for the University of Pittsburgh’s next senior vice chancellor for the Health Sciences and dean of the School of Medicine has been finalized.

In addition, Isaacson, Miller — a national executive search firm that specializes in recruiting leaders for colleges and universities, academic medical centers, foundations, research institutes and more — has been hired to assist the committee with this search.  

The committee includes: 

Chair Ann E. Cudd, provost and senior vice chancellor

Vice Chair Steve Shapiro, chief medical and scientific officer, UPMC

Ivet Bahar, chair, Department of Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine

Jeremy Berg, associate senior vice chancellor for science strategy and planning, Health Sciences

Jan Beumer*, faculty member, School of Pharmacy

Jeanine Buchanich*, faculty member, Graduate School of Public Health

Vaughn Clagette, Board of Trustees

BJ Costello, dean, School of Dental Medicine

Anthony Delitto, dean, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Samuel Dienel*, graduate student, Medical Scientist Training Program

Jackie Dunbar-Jacob, dean, School of Nursing

Thistle Elias, faculty member, Graduate School of Public Health

Christian Fernandez, faculty member, School of Pharmacy

Olivera Finn*, faculty member, School of Medicine

Zachary Freyberg, faculty member, School of Medicine

Victoria Gamble*, staff member, School of Medicine

Arjumand Ghazi, faculty member, School of Medicine

Pooja Humar* (A&S ’19), incoming student, School of Medicine

Naudia Jonassaint, faculty member, School of Medicine

Kathleen Kelly, faculty member, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Beatriz Luna, faculty member, School of Medicine

Bill Madden, associate senior vice chancellor for administration, Health Sciences

Mary Marazita, faculty member, School of Dental Medicine

James Martin, dean, Swanson School of Engineering

José-Alain Sahel, chair, Department of Opthalmology, School of Medicine

Inderpal Sarkaria, faculty member, School of Medicine

Elizabeth Schlenk, faculty member, School of Nursing

Mark Shlomchik*, professor and chair, Department of Immunology, School of Medicine

Sanjeev Shroff*, chair in Bioengineering, Swanson School

Jack Smith, Board of Trustees

*members elected by the faculty or staff community