Guidelines for staff provisional period and internal transfers adjusted

Pitt has updated the provisional period and internal job transfer procedures for all staff after getting feedback from a working group of responsibility center and department administrators.

Prior to March 1, current employees were prohibited from applying for a new job at the University until they had been in their current position for twice the length of their provisional period.

The changes include:

  • All staff positions now have a six-month provisional period: Previously, positions could have either a three- or six-month provisional period, depending on the position type. Employees that were put on a three-month provisional period prior to March 1 will not have their provisional period extended to 6 months.

  • The transfer rule has been reduced to the length of the provisional period: Previously, employees had to wait twice the length of their provisional period before they were able to apply for a new position.

  • The three existing exceptions to the provisional period transfer restrictions remain in the new guidelines: These scenarios include: 1) a position elimination, 2) a recommendation for a transfer by the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion or the Office of Compliance, Investigations & Ethics due to the result of a University investigation, and 3) an accommodation through the Office of Disability Resources and Services.

  • One additional exception allows each responsibility center to have greater flexibility: University areas have defined RC-specific rules for allowing or restricting employees from moving within the RC during their provisional period. The RC approver in Talent Center is responsible for applying their area’s rules consistently; staff are encouraged to contact their department administrator for questions about their area’s specific rules.

For detailed information about the provisional period and transfer guidelines, please refer to the Staff Handbook. These updates can be found in the Provisional Period and Transfer sections on the Employment Status for Staff Positions page.

For questions about this change, please submit an inquiry online.