Hate crimes a timely topic for CRSP Summer Institute


The Center of Race and Social Problems will host a summer institute to help empower participants to combat hate in their communities.

The 2019 CRSP Summer Institute: “Race and Hate Crime — And What We Can Do About It” is part of a series of CRSP institutes surrounding topics related to race. It will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 26 in the Cathedral of Learning, room 2017.

Larry Davis, director of CRSP in the School of Social Work, said the topic of hate crimes is as timely as ever, especially in the wake of the Tree of Life Synagogue mass shooting on Oct. 27, 2018.


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“The country just needs greater attention to this,” Davis said. “It's clearly a national problem, in fact, an international problem. And the goal of the institute ... is to inform our populace, people here in Pittsburgh, who can use the information and go out.”

Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers will present the keynote address, said James P. Huguley, an assistant professor with CRSP.  Myers’ experience, Huguley said, may provide attendees with guidance moving forward from this and other tragedies.

“I think we want them to have strategies to feel that they can impact, hate crimes, from whatever their station is in their life,” Huguley said. “So if they are a schoolteacher, or they are social workers, or they are community activists or they’re clergy, that they can come out (of the seminar with) some things that they can do in their own individual work as citizens, as professionals, as family members, to have a positive impact on this issue.”

Huguley added that he wants participants to take whatever they learn from these sessions and head back to their communities and organizations with change in mind.

Participants can expect workshops, networking opportunities and a panel discussion featuring activists and Pittsburgh community stakeholders. Speakers are still being gathered for the institute, and Huguley wants to make sure they’re from diverse backgrounds

So far, roughly 70 people have registered, Davis said. He expects around 100 participants total. He’s also hoping to expand CRSP institutes into multi-day events.

The event is free and open to the public. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. An online registration form can be accessed here.

Donovan Harrell is a reporter for the University Times. Reach him at dharrell@pitt.edu or 412-383-9905.