How green is your home office? Take a survey to find out

The Office of Sustainability over the past two years has been encouraging Pitt offices and labs to meet green challenges.

Now that many Pitt faculty, staff and students are working from home, the sustainability office has launched the Pitt Green Home Office Challenge. The goal is to “help Pitt employees more holistically consider their home workspaces — and how tweaks to them might create a more comfortable, healthy, and productive environment that supports Pitt’s culture of sustainability remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the Office of Sustainability website.

The online survey (see a preview here) asks about your work from home habits on energy, eating, printing, purchasing, reuse, transportation and more. Take the survey here.

After completing the survey, you will be given two scores — a numerical score and a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings.

  • Numerical Score – Use this score to compare yourself to other Pitt employees and see how you stack up. This score takes into account all categories in the Green Home Office Challenge survey.

  • CO2e Savings — Use this score to learn how much your work from home practices are reducing your carbon footprint. This score takes into account your eating habits, energy practices and transportation decisions.

Go to the How to Make Your Home Office More Sustainable Page on practices you can adopt.