Labor Day will be a work day for all at Pitt

Pitt staff employees will not be getting Labor Day off as a holiday this year, but will have an extra paid vacation day on the Monday after Thanksgiving, according to an announcement this morning from David DeJong, vice chancellor for Human Resources.

The University announced in June that students would start classes early — on Aug. 19 — and go straight through until the Thanksgiving break, including having classes on Labor Day, Sept. 7.

It was unclear then what that meant for staff. DeJong’s announcement today said employees may use vacation time if they wish to take Labor Day off, with their supervisor’s approval.

To make up for the lost holiday, Nov. 30 will be a paid vacation day for all staff, although, as always, some staff will still need to work to support the University’s operations. Staff who are asked to work on Nov. 30 will be paid time-and-a-half.

This calendar change may not be applicable to some employees who fall under a collective bargaining agreement.

Any questions about this schedule change can be submitted online.

— Susan Jones