Learn how Pitt’s retirement funds are selected and monitored

The Senate Benefits and Welfare Committee is hosting a Zoom event on Dec. 14 that will look at what Pitt’s retirement investment fund options are, how they are selected and monitored, and how the funds are performing.

At the event, Linda Tashbook, chair of the Benefits and Welfare Committee, will conduct a virtual interview with members of Pitt’s Retirement Oversight Committee and Tim Irvin, a senior financial advisor at CAPTRUST who investigates our funds. 

Tashbook will ask the following eight questions to the session panelists. 

  • Who is monitoring our retirement investments? 

  • How were these funds selected? 

  • Why do we only have 50 funds to choose from? 

  • Some of these funds aren’t the highest earning funds, why is that? 

  • Do the fund choices ever change? 

  • Do I have to invest in just these mutual funds? Are there other options?  

  • Where can I find out how my retirement investments are performing? 

  • Do I have to wait until open enrollment to change my retirement investments? 

After each question is answered, prize drawings for attendees will be drawn — just for attending.

This program will be presented from noon to 1p.m. Dec. 14 via Zoom. No registration is required; just visit https://pitt.zoom.us/j/94382958736  and enter passcode 074247 to access the session. 

For more information about this program, contact Tashbook at tashbook@pitt.edu or 412-648-1303.