Letter to the editor: Take money from top earners for student mental health programs

How ironic that the “top salary report” is on the same list of headlines as “new student fees approved by the trustees.”

Why don’t the “overseers” take some petty cash away from the top salary earners (two of three affiliated with athletics) to help support student mental health instead of making students pay for it themselves when they’re already strapped and anxious enough?

“The Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee voted on May 20 to increase the student wellness fee for full-time students by $50 this fall, from $130 to $180 per semester, and another $50 starting in fall 2020. The increase for part-time students will be $25 each time, from $65 to $90 this fall and to $115 per semester by fall 2020.”

This seems outrageous.

Beth Stronach
Scientist administrator, Office of Research, Health Sciences