List of people who took retirement package continues to grow

More names keep getting added to the University Times’ list of staff who took the voluntary early retirement package at the end of September, including another person with more than 50 years at Pitt.

Carole Bost began working at the School of Education on May 2, 1966, as administrator in the school’s old business education department and retired after 54 years as the school’s director of financial operations.

When she started, all offices and classrooms were located in the Cathedral of Learning. Paperwork was processed on typewriters and mimeograph machines. There was no email. The internet was still a prototype. The University’s dress code required women employees to wear dresses or skirts. Pants were prohibited. Her starting pay was just under $300 a month.

“It is extremely rare to have a staff member work in the same school or unit at one university for over 54 years, but Carole Bost did, and she did it fabulously,” Dean Valerie Kinloch said in an article on the School of Education website.

“I have a real love for the School of Education and the people in it,” Bost said in the same article. “Here I am as a senior citizen, and I started working here as a teenager. It’s always been about Pitt for me and my family.”

Overall, 453 staff members out of 840 who were eligible took the early retirement package. The program was available to any staff member 59 or older as of May 1, 2020, with 10 years of continuous service as a full-time regular employee. See the Oct. 23 University Times for other retirees.

The names were provided by each department. Any departments or units that did not submit lists, but would like to, can send them to Please include name, years of service and job title.


Scott Arthur (14 years), senior manager financial services 

Pat Bigley (20 years), senior manager, Maintenance & Emergency Service

Sandy Grissom (14 years), custodial services supervisor

Phil Hieber (40 years), senior facility manager 

Bill Minsinger (12 years), energy management system coordinator 

Chris Niemann (19 years), senior manager project management

Judy Camarda (15 years), payroll specialist


Charles Dinsmore, Office of University Communications and Marketing

Donald Henderson, photographer, Office of University Communications and Marketing

Kimberly Honath, Office of the Secretary

Nancy James, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Charlene Kumar, Office of Community and Government Relations

Graham Park, Academic Ceremonies and University Events

MaryBeth Vasko, Academic Ceremonies and University Events


Carole Bost (54 years), director of Financial Operations

Diane Casile-Gross (17 years), Obesity and Nutrition Research Center administrator

Rebecca Leah Danchenko (36 years), outcomes assessor

Ann Flaherty (28 years), behavioral health liaison

Terry McCoy (13 years), project coordinator

Donna Priore (23 years), admissions coordinator

Linda Semler (17 years), senior research manager

Deborah Smail (19 years), financial administrator

Jacqueline Ann Wesche-Thobaben (20 years), nurse practitioner

— Susan Jones


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