Long-awaited lights, crosswalk near Lawrence Hall set to be activated

Crosswalk on Forbes

Expect to see some flashing lights in front of David L. Lawrence Hall soon.

The stoplights controlling a long-awaited crosswalk on Forbes Avenue between Lawrence Hall and the stairway to Schenley Quad are set to be turned on March 22 or March 25, according to Officer Guy Johnson, Pitt Police community relations. PennDOT controls the light and has informed Pitt Police the lights are just about ready.

Pitt had hoped that railings would be installed along the sidewalk to funnel people into the crosswalk, but Johnson said the city did not approve that idea.

But Johnson said everyone should obey the signals and cross at the crosswalk. Pitt Police hope to have an officer stationed near the lights for the first few days they’re fully operational.

Once activated, the lights will be on flash for three days to allow motorists to get acclimated to there being a signal where there wasn’t one previously, Johnson said.  After the three days, the signal will then be fully operational. PennDOT will then start a 30-day test to make sure the signal functions properly. 

There also will be crosswalk lines painted on the street in the near future.

— Susan Jones