More than 50% of eligible staff take early retirement


The voluntary staff early retirement program announced in June has led to the departure of 453 staff members out of 840 who were eligible, or about 59 percent.

The last day for all those choosing the retirement package was Sept. 30, although David DeJong, vice chancellor for Human Resources, said about 156 have returned as All-Temps employees to complete specific projects.

The program was available to any staff member 59 or older as of May 1, 2020, with 10 years of continuous service as a full-time regular employee. Part-time regular staff 59 and older who’ve had 10 years of continuous service and were hired before July 1, 2004, also are eligible under a grandfather clause.

At September’s Senate Council meeting, Staff Council President Andy Stephany said that Staff Council “acknowledged the hundreds of staff retiring at the end of the month, thanking them for the years of service, dedication and mentorship. I know of several retirees from my perspective, who have impacted me directly, and I want to thank them all for their mentorship and guidance.”

He said Staff Council will be a “contact and resource for individuals who whose workload and tasks will be significantly impacted by the voids left from those retiring. While acknowledging that the retirement program is a cost savings measure, it’s also an opportunity for remaining staff to take a step forward in their careers here at the University, and I'm excited for that.”

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said at the same Senate Council meeting, “This will help the University, but not at 100 percent of those savings. Obviously, in a voluntary program, there's going to be some reinvestment and things that we have to do. But I want to thank and appreciate those retirees who are going to be doing that. … They’ve been a key part of the University, and they’ve really made a huge contribution. But by electing to do this, they’re also creating opportunity for others. And I think as Andy said, that is an exciting thing and something we should take advantage of.”

The retirements include several people who had been at Pitt for more than 40 years, but only one who broke the 50 mark — Rosie Rinella, assistant to the dean in the School of Social Work.

Two assistant deans departed from the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, and University Registrar Patty Mathay retired after 44 years at Pitt.

Below are some of those who chose the early retirement option. The names were provided by each department. Any departments or units that did not submit lists, but would like to, can send them to Please include name, years of service and job title.


Harold D. Brayo (34 years), senior press operator

Andy H. Brown (14 years), building superintendent

Linda A. Dovey (13 years), sales associate

Mark D. Galway (25 years), print shop administrator

Robert J. Helfrich (47 years),  warehouse specialist

Dorothy Lee Hollie (34 years), print specialist                                   

Linda F. Lockard (44 years), senior financial Coordinator

Paul W. Martin (12 years), warehouse specialist

Christina M. McGuire (16 years), sales associate

Vickie Praytor (36 years), warehouse specialist                                   

Clayton Dennis Robinson (21 years), desk attendant

Betsy Alyn Scott (15 years), billing coordinator                                   

Timothy E. Shimko (34 years), lead press operator


Cynthia Albert (18 years), Humanities–staff support, costume foreman

Barbara Anderson (19 years), Psychology, research associate

Michael Barrett (10.5 years), Research support services, stockroom manager

Lynn Bereznak (13 years), Central support staff, Sponsored Projects administrator

Christine Berliner (35.5 years), Biological Sciences, senior advisor

Eleanor Caligiuri (45 years), Biological Sciences, laboratory aide

Deborah Connell (42.5 years), Psychology, assistant to the chair

Phyllis Deasy (35 years), Social Sciences–staff support, student services manager

Barbara Delraso (19.5 years), Physics and Astronomy, center administrator

David Demilio (29.5 years), Chemistry, research specialist IV

Laura Dice (27 years), assistant dean, director of First-Year Programs

Elizabeth Dummer (11 years), Research support services, finance manager

Patricia Freker (23.5 years), Central support staff, payroll/personnel coordinator

Thomas Gasmire (38.5 years), Research support services, machine shop supervisor

Veronica Gazdik (11 years), Humanities–staff support, visual resources coordinator

Kathleen Gibson (17 years), Social Sciences–staff support, department coordinator

Mary Hamler (42 years), Humanities–staff support, department administrator

Stephanie Hanville (23.5 years), Advising Center,advisor

Thomas Harper (41.5 years), Research support services, research specialist IV

Maureen Henderson (12.5 years), Humanities–staff support, administrative officer

Linda Hicks (41 years), Humanities–staff support, administrative officer

Leyla Hirschfeld (44 years), Physics and Astronomy, graduate administrator

Judith Hreha (16.5 years), Geology and Environmental Science, travel and business coordinator

Debra Hunt (26 years), Chemistry, undergraduate coordinator

Karen Ianni (43 years), Central support staff, department administrator

Patricia Landon (16.5 years), Social Sciences–staff support, academic administrator

Lynn Lantz (15 years), Social Sciences–staff support, department coordinator

Paula Locante (43 years), Humanities–staff support, business coordinator

Regina Mahouski (36 years), Chemistry, undergraduate coordinator

Nancy Matrozza (32 years), Social Sciences–staff support, academic administrator

Barbara Mowery (48 years), Advising Center, senior advisor

Lori Neu (14 years), Research support services, research glass blower

Erie Pierre (22.5 years), Dean's Office, systems analyst

Paula Riemer (26 years), Humanities–staff support, department administrator

Margaret Schneider (25 years), Advising Center assistant director

Jeffrey Sicher (35 years), Research support services, plant operator

Georgia Spears (21.5 years), Social Sciences–staff support, department coordinator

James Stango (35 years), Physics and Astronomy, research specialist IV

Grace Tomcho (40 years), Social Sciences–staff support, events team manager

Barbara Vattimo (33.5 years), Dean's Office, assistant dean for Business and Finance

Debra Ziolkowski (31.5 years), Social Sciences–staff support, events coordinator


Mary Ann Gebet (46 years), executive assistant to the dean and associate dean


Robert D. Goga (36 years), director

Eileen F. McLaughlin (30 years), information analyst

Colette D. Ross (47 years), information analyst


Thomas Carey (15 years), Human Research Protection Office/Institutional Review Board

Cynthia Kern (23 years), Investigator, sponsored IND and IDE support

Teresa McKaveney (24 years), Human Research Protection Office/Institutional Review Board

Patricia Orndoff (27 years), Office of Research Protections

Michael Sheetz (38 years), radiation safety

James Wood (31 years), radiation safety


Dan Clements (33.5 years), telecom project manager

Patrick Connolly (28.5 years), NOC systems engineer

Michael Cornell (28 years), service delivery technician

Frank Eggleston (18 years), help desk analyst

Richard Fassinger (22 years), service delivery technician

Mark Fialkovich (32 years), service delivery technician

Vernon Franklin (39 years), Diversity and Inclusion Program manager

Richard Gemmell (33 years), Oracle applications developer

Linda Haberman (24 years), senior telephone operator

Scott Hanna (14 years), network engineer

Nadine Hlad (18 years), business analyst

Lily Hoy (46.5 years), financial enterprise resource planning analyst          

George Kovalchick (20.5 years), application systems analyst

Michael Logoyda (15 years), service delivery manager

Donald Miller (29 years), service delivery technician

Joanne Mohney (27 years), contracts coordinator

David Schatz (31.5 years), senior consultant

Mary Shea (30 years), PeopleSoft security business analyst

Kenneth Soenen (15 years), Oracle applications DBA

Frank Szegedy (20.5 years), service delivery technician/analyst

Tod Treganowan (29 years), senior lab coordinator

Lawrence Werner (15 years), telecom analyst


Patricia Blake (17 years), faculty secretary

Linda Coccaro (23 years), administrative assistant

Darleen Mocello (42 years), word processor

Barbara Salopek (41 years), administrative assistant


Marieva Anderson-Barrios (21 years), transcripts and certification specialist

Karen Geragi (32 years), registration services specialist

Marjorie Martin (14 years), registration services specialist

David Geragi (13 years), support services assistant

Patricia Mathay (44 years), University registrar

Carolyn Zimmermann (15 years), academic records specialist


Carolyn Loether (40+ years), assistant to the dean for many years and recently administrative support.


Corinne Grubb (14 years), administrator, Physical Therapy

Debby Keelan (15 years), project manager, Strategic Initiatives, Dean's Office

Patty Kummick (16 years), executive director, Internal and External Relations, Dean's Office

Robin Metzler (33 years), clinical instructor, Communication Science and Disorders


Department of Medicine – Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine

Mary Pat Rocco (20 years), senior administrative assistant

Catherine Vitari (13 years), research clinical nurse manager       

Dorothy Voith (19 years), division administrator

Office of Medical Education

Betsy Nero (20 years), assessment coordinator

Judith Schantz (30 years), executive curriculum specialist

Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Richard T. Serventi (37 years), basic research assistant

Department of Surgery

Sally J. Tress (44 years), administrative assistant

Department of Surgery, Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute

Antoinette Beasley (12 years), pre-award administrator

Janet Coulter (30 years), administrative coordinator

Donna Gaspich (32 years), administrative assistant

Division of General Internal Medicine

Joyce Holl (40 years), Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations administrator

Donna Bishop (18 years), QI analyst


Suzanne Brody (17 years), associate director of recruitment

Frances Casillo (15 years), senior research specialist

Theresa Dinardo (13 years), administrative secretary

Kathleen Donatellli (27 years), financial analyst

Diane Knowlton (22 years), administrative secretary

Mary Roberge (16 years), nurse interventionist

Mary Schubert (20 years), director of Professional Development and Continuing Nursing Education

Deborah Zipay (15 years), associate budget director

Kathleen Zoldos (33 years), senior building operations manager


Rosie Rinella (52 years), executive assistant to the dean

Mary Pat Elthattab (30 years), academic administrator for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program

Marcia Piel (30 years), recorder, academic administrator


Canard Grigsby (15+ years), senior planner in Planning Design and Real Estate

Mary K. Martin (13 years), associate director, Office of Academic Career Development, Health Sciences

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