More names added to list of 2020 retirees

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, including the departure of hundreds of faculty and staff from Pitt through retirement. We included lists of retirees (find faculty here and staff here and here and here) in several University Times issues last year after the retirement packages offered by Pitt became final. The lists are by no means comprehensive; some people chose not to have their names included. Below find the final additions to the list of Pitt’s 2020 retirees.


Dianna Beaver (15 years), acquisitions and special collections specialist, Hanley Library

Judy Cameron (20 years), administrative assistant in the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center

Donny Johnson (40 years), mail carrier

Jean Luciano (15 years), interlibrary loan and cataloguing specialist, Hanley Library

Vicky Pingie (40 years), associate director of Admissions

Leslie Rhinehart (20 years), director of counseling services

Barbara Uscinski (22 years), administrative assistant in the Office of the President


Janet “Dolly” Biskup (41 years), administrative assistant to the president, President’s Office

Sandra Buehner (20 years), library specialist, Millstein Library

Brandi Darr (21 years), director of Financial Aid

William Franicola (30 years), physical plant supervisor, Facilities Maintenance Department

Diane Hughes (14 years), library specialist, Millstein Library

Estela Llinás (39 years), associate professor of Engineering/Mathematics

Delia “Dolly” Oslosky (23 years), maintenance I, Facilities Maintenance Department

Linda Soltis (16 years), maintenance coordinator, Facilities Maintenance Department

Linda Szypulski (12 years), administrative secretary, Academic Support Services

Kimberly White (25 years), maintenance II, Facilities Maintenance Department


Maureen A. Barcic (33 years), director, Co-Op Cooperative Engineering

Robert L. Beatty (26 years), administrator, IE Manufacturing Assistance Center, Industrial Engineering

Linda Weigel Demoise (16 years), Investing NOW

Keith O. Devine (18 years), research grants

Nancy A. Donaldson (21 years), Office of the Dean

Daniel J. Lewis (32 years), research grants

Michael Lea McDonald (14 years), Office of the Dean

Minerva Hyacinth Pilachowski (26 years), administrator, Industrial Engineering

Jamie A. Radocay (37 years), administration

Cole M. Van Ormer (53 years), research specialist, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Cathy Marie Vargo (19 years), Office of the Dean

Sandra Weisberg (38 years), administrator, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chalice A. Zavada (44 years), grants and contracts manager


Patti Chioda (19+ years), research administrator, CTSI

Diane Cromo (10 years), Pitt Arts

Francesca Savoia (35 years), professor emerita, Department of French and Italian