More retirements from around the University

The list in the May 30 University Times of recent retirees wasn’t complete. Here are some additions. Find the original list here.


Jo-Anne Krevy (26 years):  Assistant to the director, Development Office


Victoria Kaminsky (19 years):  CSSD’s Student Systems, Application Systems Analyst


Diana Waters (18.5 years): Library specialist

Mary Ann Slater (11.5 years): Library specialist

Rachell Youngman (42.5 years): Order specialist, team lead


Cheryl A. Austin (31 years): Grants manager for the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, handling all the details of budgets, grant applications and funding for the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study which was just renewed for nearly $4 million annually through 2026. 

Joyce T. Bromberger (31 years): Professor emeritus of epidemiology and psychiatry.  A psychiatric epidemiologist, she has examined the relationship between depression and physical of middle-aged women with a particular focus on depression and anxiety, the psychosocial and hormonal factors that influence these symptoms/disorders, and their health consequences.

Barbara L. Folb (24 years): Public Health Informationist at Pitt’s Health Sciences Library System. As liaison to the Graduate School of Public Health, she provided reference, information services, and training to the school. Upon retirement, Folb was the first Pitt librarian to be honored with emeritus status. Folb continues to work as an instructor in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences.

Susanne M. Gollin (31+ years): Professor emerita from the Department of Human Genetics.  A clinical cytogenetics consultant in the Pittsburgh Cytogenetics Laboratory, she was a researcher, teacher, board certified by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Her research interests included cytogenetic alterations as diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers for cancers; mechanisms involved in chromosomal instability; defects in the DNA damage response in cancer cells; and cancer patient advocacy.

Nick Malenka (37 years): A building engineer who kept Pitt Public Health’s facilities running, everything from balancing competing air conditioning needs to re-routing around the latest construction detours. 

Trevor Orchard (39+ years): Distinguished professor of epidemiology. Well known for his ability to bridge the gap between trials and translation, his research interests included diabetes and cardiovascular epidemiology, with particular emphasis on insulin-dependent diabetes and lipids, management of lipid disorders, and diabetes prevention.

Jeanette Trauth (31 years): Associate professor emerita in the departments of health policy and management and in behavioral and community health sciences. Her research focused on the social determinants of health, especially those that create healthier and more equitable communities by promoting social connections.