Narduzzi again Pitt’s highest-paid employee


Pitt recently filed its annual 990 IRS report for fiscal year 2017-18 and the University’s list of 25 highest-paid employees as part of the state’s required right-to-know disclosures.

ICYMI: Romoff at $8.5 million on UPMC 990 report.

UPMC President and CEO Jeffrey Romoff got a $2.42 million increase in his compensation from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2018.

The giant nonprofit’s 990 report shows Romoff’s total compensation from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 as $8.54 million.

Find the report here or read more about it in the Post-Gazette.

While there was some jockeying for positions and a few names dropped off because of retirement or other reasons, the list was very similar to the previous year.

Once again, head football coach Pat Narduzzi and former head basketball coach Kevin Stallings (who left Pitt in March 2018) led the list, and Arthur Levine, who announced in January that he will be stepping down as senior vice chancellor for Health Science and dean of the School of Medicine later this year, was the highest paid University officer.

The 990 form, which nonprofit organizations must submit to the IRS and make available for public inspection each year, is limited to salaries, benefits and allowances processed through the Pitt payroll system. So, for example, it does not include income that Health Sciences faculty earn for clinical work at the UPMC Health System. The 990 list (with base pay and total compensation) for FY 2017-18 includes:

Pat Narduzzi, football coach: $1.99 million / $3.21 million

Kevin Stallings, former basketball coach who was replaced in March 2018: $1.42 million / $2.49 million

Arthur Levine, SVC for Health Sciences and dean of the School of Medicine: $843,612 / $1.07 million

Patrick Gallagher, chancellor: $518,914 / $752,893

Patricia Beeson, former provost and SVC, who stepped down in August 2018: $417,379 / $517,573

Kathy Humphrey, SVC for engagement and secretary to the board of trustees: $388,020 / $468,776

Paul Lawrence, treasurer: $373,343 / $438,812

Amy Marsh, treasurer until March 31, 2018: $441,142 / $528,876

Arthur Ramicone, former SVC and CFO, who retired in August 2018: $394,809 / $443,544

Geovette Washington, SVC and chief legal officer: $393,561 / $443,370

Suzie McConnell-Serio, former head women’s basketball coach, who was fired in March 2018: $636,142 / $729,427

Michael Becich, chair of Biomedical Informatics: $612,230 / $731,222

Alton James, director of University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute: $568,639 / $619,318

B. Jean Ferketish, former secretary Board of Trustees and associate professor School of Education and GSPIA: $189,708 / $225,010

Mark Nordenberg, former chancellor and chair of the Institute of Politics: $489,170 / $899,939

Right-to-know disclosure to the state

The other highest-paid officials at Pitt for 2017-18, based on the University’s response to the state’s required right-to-know disclosures, were:

Donald Burke, dean of the Graduate School of Public Health: $492,629

Peter Strick, chair, Neurobiology: $488,114

Steven E. Reis, associate vice chancellor for clinical research and director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute: $475,000

Lise Vesterlund, professor, Economics: $467,686

David Denis, senior chair and professor of Business Administration: $460,507

Thomas W. Braun, former dean of the School of Dental Medicine, who retired in January 2018: $451,545

Arjang A. Assad, dean, Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business of Administration: $441,360

Bruce A. Freeman, chair of Pharmacology and Molecular Biology: $432,519

Mark Jay Shlomchik, chair, Department of Immunology: $430,731

Rocky S. Tuan, director of the Cellular and Molecular Engineering Lab: $428,093

Ivet Bahar, chair, Computational & Systems Biology Department, School of Medicine:  $412,918

Diane K. Denis, professor and Katz alumni chair in finance: $407,550

*Steven Shawn Watson, former offensive coordinator for Pitt football, fired in January: $405,000

*Dario A. Vignali, vice chair of Department of Immunology: $401,289

*O'Neil Outar, interim vice chancellor for Institutional Advancement, until December 2017: $401,042

D. Lansing Taylor, director, Drug Discovery Institute: $400,669

*Minking Chyu, mechanical engineering professor and associate dean for international initiatives for Swanson School: $398,554

*J. Jeffrey Inman, associate dean for research and faculty, Katz: $396,079

*Ann E. Thompson, professor of critical care medicine and pediatrics and dean for faculty affairs, School of Medicine: $391,798

*new to the list

Family connections

The IRS requires institutions to report financial information on employees who are related to senior officers, trustees or highest-paid employees.

Receiving compensation from Pitt in 2017-18 were:

  • Anne Bauer, law professor, family member of Trustee Michael A. Bryson: $60,422

  • Anita P. Courcoulas, professor of surgery, family member of Trustee Ira J. Gumberg: $239,017

  • John Grefenstette, professor in Graduate School of Public Health, family member of Trustee Edward J. Grefenstette: $79,599

  • David Hickton, law professor, family member of Trustee Dawne Hickton: $336,800

  • Michael Nordenberg, Human Resources, family member of Mark A. Nordenberg, former chancellor: $53,632

  • John C. Pelusi, assistant athletic director, family member of Trustee John H. Pelusi: $34,273

  • Michaela Ramicone, assistant director of digital media for Pitt Athletics, family member of Arthur G. Ramicone, now-retired CFO: $36,217

  • Jason Richards, director of student-athlete development for Pitt Athletics, family member of Trustee Thomas E. Richards: $90,352

  • Lindsay Richards, former assistant women’s basketball coach, family member of Trustee Thomas E. Richards: $122,092

Highest-paid contractors

Pitt paid 911 contractors more than $100,000 during FY 2017-18. The top five, which the University is required to report, are:

Sodexo, food service, of Atlanta: $39 million

Volpatt Construction Corp., Pittsburgh: $14.8 million

PJ Dick Inc., construction, Pittsburgh: $14.6 million

World Wide Technology Inc., technology services, St. Louis: $8.9 million

Mascaro Construction Co., Pittsburgh: $8.6 million

Other tidbits from 990 report

  • The largest research subcontract was with Carnegie Mellon University for $8 milion

  • Institutional aid to students was given to 15,241 recipients at a cost of 183.4 million

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