New Sports Science program at SHRS open to faculty and staff

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is introducing a new master of science program in Rehabilitation Sciences with a concentration in Sports Science, and is encouraging Pitt faculty and staff to apply.

Matthew Darnell, the program director, said the new Sports Science program evolved from Pitt’s Wellness and Human Performance master’s program. The new program would offer students more opportunities for field experience, Darnell said.

Students enrolled in the Wellness and Human Performance Program have the option of transitioning into the Sports Science program or finishing their current program, Darnell added.

The new program, beginning in fall 2019, would be a yearlong for full time students and include an internship with a professional sports team or collegiate sports team or organization.

Participants also can conduct research at the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory.

The program would mainly focus on education and training in sports science, nutrition, sports medicine and research, according to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences website.

The purpose of the program, Darnell said, is to foster innovation in the field of sports science through education, research and practical experiences.

“Our goal is to have these students demonstrate relevant knowledge and marketable skills in the field of sports science,” Darnell said. “And also contribute to the growth in sports science through both research and innovation.”

March 15 is the application deadline, but Darnell encourages people to apply as early as January.

— Donovan Harrell