Number of retirees from first half of year fairly low

After last year’s large departure of faculty and staff through retirement incentive programs, the list of retirees from the first half of 2021 is pretty short.

If we’ve missed someone, please let us know and we’ll run a follow-up list in our next edition. Send any new names of people who retired between Jan. 1 and June 30 to by July 28.


Marietta Frank, 33 years, director of Hanley Library

Don Lewicki, 21 years, associate professor of Computer Information Systems and Technology

Dave Vecellio, 24 years, Facilities Management

Dave Clark, 13 years, Facilities Management


Barry Ames, 24 years, professor emeritus of Political Science

Ralph Roskies, 48 years, professor emeritus of Physics and Astronomy and chief scientist for the Center for Research Computing

Scott Smith, 29 years, lecturer emeritus of History

William Saunders, 26 years, associate professor emeritus of Biological Sciences


Judy Dodd, 38 years, assistant professor, Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition


John M. McGrath, 27 years, professor of Marketing

Mark Previte, 17 years, associate professor, Education Division


Rhonda Wasserman, 35 years, professor of Law

Marc Silverman, 42 years, director, Barco Law Library, and adjunct professor of Law


Michael Beach, 19 years, associate professor, Acute and Tertiary Care

Sandra Engberg, 34 years, professor of Nursing and associate dean, graduate clinical education

Rosemary Hoffman, 26 years, associate professor, Acute and Tertiary Care

Carol Washburn, 29 years, director for the Center for Scholarship in Nursing Education


Denise Capozzi, 35 years, director of Animal Research Protections and Education Compliance, Office of Research Protections

Phil Brooks, 5 years, entrepreneur in residence, Innovation Institute