Pitt gets high marks for voter participation among universities

A student voter guide from investigative journalism site WhoWhatWhy ranked Pitt sixth out of 76 universities in democratic participation, based on figures from the 2016 election.

The schools — mostly major, public universities throughout the country — were ranked based on: Percentage of student turnout, percentage of early student turnout, number of on-campus polling places, voter registration drives and voter registration rate, as well as what ID requirements were at the polling places.

Pitt had two polling places on campus in the last presidential election and voter turnout among students was 61 percent. Pitt’s voter registration drives also contributed to its A+ rating. Pennsylvania did not allow early voting in 2016 and IDs are not required to vote.

The five schools that ranked above Pitt are: University of Washington, University of Minnesota, University of Florida, University of Virginia and Florida State University. Voter participation at these schools ranged from 67.6 percent at Washington to 62.3 percent at Florida State.

This year, polls will be open on campus at Posvar Hall and William Pitt Union from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Nov. 3. Students can find information about registering on the Community and Governmental Relations website. The last day to register to vote is Oct. 19. The site also has a list of off-campus polling locations and link to find out the location of your polling place.

— Susan Jones


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