Pitt Research updates names, organization of several units

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research is updating the names of several units “to emphasize the collaborative and interconnected role that each unit plays in working with Pitt’s researchers, scholars, students and partners,” according to an announcement last week from Rob Rutenbar, SVC for Research.

As of Sept. 1, these will be the six Pitt Research offices:

Pitt Research core functions are to:

  • Facilitate research of impact

  • Identify and catalyze strategic opportunities

  • Position the University to lead large research collaborations

  • Translate scholarly excellence into commercial innovation and economic partnership

  • Maintain the highest standards of research integrity.

To continue to access these offices, you do not need to make any immediate changes to your internet bookmarks or shortcuts. You’ll be automatically redirected to the new location.

However, units that have Pitt Research sites listed on their web pages are asked to update the name of the office and the relevant link.

For more information on the different offices, see @Pitt.