Professors to host interactive session on dealing with mental illness

Two Pitt faculty members — one a social work professor and one a law librarian who also teaches — will be at the University Store on Fifth from noon to 1 p.m. Sept. 20 demonstrating interesting and practical ways to use their books to teach college courses.

Professor of Social Work Christina Newhill and Adjunct Law Professor Linda Tashbook have written four books between them that deal with interventions for the mentally ill, what clients and providers need to know, and how family members can help loved ones fight the legal hurdles that come up in a mentally ill person’s life.

Newhill and Tashbook will write up a number of questions and put them in a box and invite audience members to pull out a question and read it. It could be something like: “My brother left some things behind in an apartment that he moved out of a week ago and the landlord won’t let him have his stuff. What can we do about this?”

Participants also can ask their own questions.

They hope the event attracts clinicians as well as family members of mentally ill people.