Program to help navigate student loan forgiveness coming to Pitt

On Feb. 1, through a partnership with TIAA, University faculty and staff will gain access to Savi, an organization that helps borrowers who work at a qualifying public service organization navigate complex federal student loan forgiveness programs.

David DeJong, vice chancellor for Human Resources, has made helping employees with student debt a huge priority as part of the Shaping the Workplace initiative.

The partnership with Savi seemed well aligned with University priorities so DeJong said it made sense to launch it now, according to @Pitt. “The impetus is that while employees who work at Pitt qualify for federal student loan relief, that program is difficult to navigate.”

Savi’s services help borrowers identify whether they are eligible for federal income-driven repayment plans and forgiveness programs. Savi offers two tiers of service. One, the Student Loan Checkup digital tool, helps users assess repayment options and potential savings through a forgiveness program. This option is free to use.

The Savi Essential Service can help users apply for income-driven repayment plans and track payments toward forgiveness. Additionally, Savi reminds users of payment due dates, provides access to e-file forms and acts as an advocate for users who may need help along the way. This service normally costs $60 annually, but for a limited time, TIAA will cover the fees for Pitt employees’ first year using the service.

Live webinars and on-site workshops are being planned in February for employees to learn more about applying for the Savi Essential Service and check-up tool.

DeJong also has said at Shaping the Workplace engagement sessions that conversations are taking place to enable employees to divert retirement contributions to loan repayment.