Publishing clearinghouse: A full summer of Arts & Lectures events


Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures summer author appearances

Adam Ehrlich Sachs: Author of “The Organs of Sense,” an intricate nested fable equating our inability to truly understand the world with our inability to understand our own messy families. 6 p.m. May 30, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Oakland. Free

Neal Stephenson: Author of “Fall; or, Dodge in Hell,” a sequel to his techno-thriller “Reamde.” It’s a science fiction thriller set in parallel worlds in the near future. 7 p.m. June 17, Carnegie Library Lecture Hall. $40 includes the book.

James Patterson: Prolific author who has sold more than 375 million books, mostly detective stories and thrillers, including “Kiss the Girl” and “Along Came a Spider,” which were both made into movies starring Morgan Freeman as Detective Alex Cross. He’ll be In conversation with Mary Frances Cooper, president and director of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. 7 p.m. June 27, Carnegie Library Lecture Hall. $35, include a copy of his most recent book, “Unsolved.”

Naomi Wolf: The author of “The Beauty Myth” is back with a book, “Outrages,” about English scholar John Addington Symonds, who risked imprisonment in the 1800s by writing a memoir about his homosexuality. 7 p.m. July 15, Carnegie Library Lecture Hall. $10

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