Publishing clearinghouse: ‘Authors and Anecdotes’; Drue Heinz winner; ‘Art Learning and Creativity’


“Authors and Anecdotes” Book Club, featuring Jan Beatty
Noon, Oct. 8, online

Jan Beatty, professor of English and director of creative writing at Carlow University, will discuss her book, “The Body Wars,” which is scheduled to be published this month by the University of Pittsburgh Press. “The Body Wars” is a collection of vital poems of dimension, of both psychic and literal travel, of the elasticity of truth and struggle, of the daily nature of desire that brings us to our knees — then shotguns us back to the heart’s center. Register here.


2020 Drue Heinz Literature Prize winner Caroline Kim in conversation with author and guest judge Alexander Chee
6 p.m. Oct. 7, online

Exploring what it means to be human through the Korean diaspora, Caroline Kim’s “The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories” features many voices — from a teenage girl in 1980s America, to a boy growing up in the middle of the Korean War, to an immigrant father struggling to be closer to his adult daughter, to a suburban housewife whose equilibrium depends upon a therapy robot. Each character must face their less-than-ideal circumstances and find a way to overcome them without losing themselves. Presented by Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures and the University of Pittsburgh Press, which awards the Drue Heinz Literature Prize for short fiction. Register here.


“Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art Learning and Creativity: Fostering Artistic Exploration in Formal and Informal Settings,” (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, September 2020), edited by Karen Knutson, Associate Director Pitt Center for Out of School Learning; Kevin Crowley, associate dean, Pitt School of Education; and Takeshi Okada, University of Tokyo, Japan

This book explores learning in the arts and highlights ways in which art and creativity can ignite learning in schools, informal learning spaces, and higher education. The focus is on learning in, with, and through the arts. An illustrative text for researchers and educators in the arts, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art Learning and Creativity demonstrates how artistic ways of thinking and working with artists empower art learners and support their needs and opportunities across the lifespan.