Publishing clearinghouse: ‘When Fracking Comes to Town’; ‘Tax and Time’


When Fracking Comes to Town: Governance, Planning, and Economic Impacts of the US Shale Boom,” edited by Sabina Deitrick and Ilia Murtazashvili, associate professors in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (January 2022, Cornell University Press) 

“When Fracking Comes to Town” is a collection of essays from planners, legal scholars, political scientists and economists that traces the response of local communities to the shale gas revolution. Rather than cast communities as powerless to respond to oil and gas companies and their landmen, it shows that communities have adapted their local rules and regulations to meet the novel challenges accompanying unconventional gas extraction through fracking.

“Tax and Time: On the Use and Misuse of Legal Imagination,” by Anthony C. Infanti, professor in the School of Law (January 2022, NYU Press)

“Tax and Time” demonstrates how the tax laws have been used to imaginatively manipulate time in ways that perpetuate economic and social injustice. With its social justice focus, the book brings a critical perspective to technical tax policy discussions. Infanti calls for a systematic re-examination and reworking of the relationship between time and tax law, asserting that the power of the legal imagination to manipulate time in tax law can both correct past injustices and help us to envision — and actually work toward — a better and more just society.


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