Publishing clearinghouse: ‘Dark Tourism’; ‘Situating Masculinity’


“Children, Young People and Dark Tourism” by Mary Kerr, professor of health and human development, School of Education (2023, Routledge UK)

Dark tourism is a rapidly growing industry that includes visits to sites associated with death and dying. These include cemeteries memorials, concentration camps, museums, battlegrounds and even haunted houses. Millions of young tourists visit these sites every year, yet no one has ever systematically documented their experiences.

Led by Pitt’s internationally recognized child dark tourism research team, this book brings together authors from around the world, including contributions from young people themselves. It is the first to offer an innovative examination of the intersecting influences, contexts, and challenges within the field of children’s dark tourism.

Presently, tourism research, and dark tourism specifically, relies primarily on adult-centered theories and data collection methods. However, these approaches are inadequate for understanding and developing children’s experiences and perspectives. This book seeks to inform and inspire research on children’s experiences of dark tourism.


“Situating Masculinity” journal, co-edited by Todd Reeser, professor of French, and Kaliane Ung, visiting assistant professor of French, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences (Published by Simone de Beauvoir Studies)

Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” has been hugely influential in feminist and gender theory, but rarely has it been thought of as a treatise theorizing masculinity. This volume of essays aims to consider in what ways Beauvoir might be considered a sophisticated theorist of masculinity. It also includes essays that approach masculinity studies from a Beauvoirian perspective. The volume rethinks a major feminist thinker via critical studies of men and masculinities.


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