Second survey coming on Box use ahead of migration to OneDrive

Pitt employees are set to receive a second survey from Pitt IT and Pitt Research as the University prepares to migrate stored data and collaborative research spaces from Box to OneDrive by August 2022.

Next week, the new survey will ask about the types of data you may have stored now in Box, which Box features you use and how you use them.

The two Pitt offices are asking for answers by April 15. A joint letter from these offices noted that other storage solutions, such as Google Drive at Pitt, can’t be used to store protected health information, and that staff, faculty and students will need to consult the University’s data risk classification matrix to understand how data tagged as public, private or restricted should be stored. Pitt IT requests that users contact its office for “guidance on proper storage,” particularly “sensitive data in the cloud,” says their notice about the survey.

More information is coming about opportunities to work with Pitt IT on your own migration to the cloud, if needed, assures Mark D. Henderson, vice chancellor and chief information officer. In the meantime, Pitt IT’s cloud storage migration webpage has the latest details on the migration process.