Senate election results for committee seats announced

The election results for open seats on Senate committees were revealed May 7 at Faculty Assembly.

There have been several re-elections and membership changes across the committees, including the Benefits and Welfare Committee, the Educational Policies Committee and the Budget Policies Committee.

The election results are as follows:

Athletics and Recreation      

Jacques Bromberg, Classics (Arts & Sciences)

Laurel Roberts, Biological Sciences (A&S)

Pam Toto, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Benefits and Welfare

Filip Barbaric, Dental Medicine

Lucas Mentch, Statistics (A&S)

Joanne Prasad, Dental Medicine

Budget Policies

Tyler Bickford, English (A&S)

Panos Chrysanthis, SCI

Mackey Friedman, GSPH​​​​​​​

Bylaws and Procedures

Nick Bircher, Medicine, emeritus

Stephen Hirtle, School of Computing and Information

Community Relations

Victor Bench, Nursing

Judy Callan, Nursing

Computer and Information Technology

Jong Jeong, Graduate School of Public Health

Alexandros Labrinidis, SCI

Susan Sereika, Nursing

Educational Policies

Nicole Cecchini, SHRS

John Stoner, History (A&S)

Barbara Vento, SHRS​​​​​​​

Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Advocacy

Brenda Cassidy, Nursing

Goeran Fiedler, SHRS

Natasha Tokowicz, Psychology (A&S)

Faculty Affairs

Helen Cahalane, Social Work

Irene Frieze, Psychology (A&S), Emeritus

Suzanna Gribble, Biological Sciences (A&S)

Governmental Relations

Jim Becker, Medicine

Iain Scott, Medicine

Michelle Varnell, SHRS​​​​​​​


Mark Lynn Anderson, English (A&S)

Jeff Aziz, English (A&S)

Gary Kohanbash, Medicine

Plant Utilization and Planning

Paul Munro, SCI

Christopher Todd, Law

Eugene Wagner, Chemistry (A&S)


Marilyn Hravnak, Nursing

Penny Morel, Medicine

Shilpa Sant, Pharmacy

Student Admissions, Aid & Affairs

Harvey Borovetz, Engineering

Marylou Gramm, English (A&S)

Susan Wesmiller, Nursing

Tenure and Academic Freedom

Jane Cauley, GSPH

Abbe de Vallejo, Medicine

Karin Warner, Nursing