Spring Safety Fair teaches Pitt community important lessons

The Spring Safety Fair on March 5 had all the traditional displays of police equipment, fire safety and more, but there was one added danger to consider — the coronavirus COVID-19.

Pitt Public Safety and Emergency Management officials were already deep into strategizing for the virus’ arrival in Pittsburgh, and the annual Safety Fair gave the Department of Emergency Management and Planning a chance to distribute information about preparing for and protecting yourself from COVID-19.

  • shooting virtual fire extinguisher at flames on screen
    A student uses a virtual fire extinguisher to douse an electronic fire on the screen at the Spring Safety Fair on March 5. The video demonstration starts out as a big fire and as you sweep with the nozzle of the extinguisher, the fire goes out. (Photos by Tom Altany/University of Pittsburgh)
  • Student walking straight line in impairment goggles
    A student tries to walk a straight line while wearing impairment goggles, which simulate being drunk. Pitt Police Chief James Loftus checks her progress.
  • People at Spring Safety Fair
    The Spring Safety Fair attracted several people to check out displays from Pitt Police, Environmental Safety and others.
  • COVID-19 information on table
    The threat of the coronavirus COVID-19 was already on the thoughts of many at Pitt during the March 5 Spring Safety Fair.