Staff appraisals due to HR by June 30

Staff performance appraisal season is upon us, which means most of us will soon be filling out self-appraisal forms.

Human resources offers some helpful tips for filling out the form in the Staff Members Guide on Preparing for a Performance Review. The program is designed to allow staff members to define clear personal and professional goals, open ongoing communication with their supervisor and develop an improvement plan for the next fiscal year.

After the self-appraisal is completed, the staff member’s supervisor will prepare a staff performance appraisal. Depending on your position, the appraisal may be reviewed by the next level of management before being sent back to your supervisor, who will review it with you.

Each department will have its own deadlines for completion of the different steps, but all staff performance appraisal forms are due to human resources by June 30. To learn more about the staff appraisal process, review the memo from Cheryl Johnson, vice chancellor of human resources.

Managers can find help in completing the staff self-appraisal, staff performance appraisal and the optional annual goals forms on the Office of Human Resources’ website at, along with tips on completing the forms.

For assistance with the performance management process, please contact the organization development department at or 624-8044 or employee and labor relations department at or 624-4645.