Staff Council initiative led to monthly volunteer hours


Staff Council President Angie Coldren, at the group’s Feb. 16 meeting, noted that Pitt’s recent allowance for full-time employees to undertake 7.5 paid hours of volunteer or professional development work per month had come in response to a long-time push for such a benefit by Staff Council. Part-time regular staff and faculty also are eligible for a pro-rated benefit.

Staff Council member Alex Toner, with the Office of Engagement and Community Affairs, noted that his office is working on tools to help Pitt employees to take advantage of new volunteer opportunities. These will likely include creating volunteer staff ambassadors with particular knowledge about local volunteer opportunities, as well as cataloguing these volunteering possibilities.

He said his office is also looking to create an orientation to help Pitt staff and faculty become better acquainted with the communities in which they might volunteer, and to encourage lengthier volunteer associations with local nonprofits.

Coldren also announced that Staff Council will be holding information sessions for its membership beginning March 30. The first such session will focus on the new budget model and budget restart, with future sessions likely on the upcoming compensation modernization effort, Pitt’s enterprise resources assessment effort and other newer University efforts.

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