STAFF MATTERS: Council’s 90 members represent staff in many areas


Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." Staff at the University have that option when they decide to become members of the Staff Council. 

In August, we welcomed a cohort of 18 new members to our group. We now have 90 members from schools, units and departments across the Oakland campus. Through our members, Staff Council works year-round within the University's shared governance structure to represent the interests of and advocate for all classified staff while providing opportunities for comprehensive professional development.

We are known for brown bag workshops, staff awards, annual events such as the Staff Spring Assembly, and our sponsored awards like the Endowed Book Fund, the Staff Mentor Award, and the Staff Professional Development Award. But the heart of our ability to make change comes in many other forms. Members participate in committee meetings, plan events and lead ad hoc initiatives.

The also represent staff interests in strategic campus governance bodies, including:

  • Three staff representatives (two votes) on the University Planning and Budgeting Committee, which provides annual recommendations on the University's budget to the Chancellor

  • Three staff representatives (all voting) on the University's Senate Council, comprised of staff, student, faculty and University leaders

  • Two staff representatives (one voting, one non-voting) on each of the 15 Senate Council standing committees

  • One staff representative on each of the 11 Board of Trustees standing committees

  • Ad hoc representation on high-level search committees, for new deans and the University Provost

Our staff voice ensures that it is represented at all levels of University governance by having these valuable engagements. While our efforts may not always be visible, we are forging ahead to move the University in the right direction while advocating for staff interests. Our advocacy is better informed when we hear directly from you.

We invite you to be that change by attending our monthly general meeting (visit the University calendar for dates). The next meeting is from noon to 1 p.m. Sept. 18 in 102 Benedum Hall.

Follow @upstaffcouncil on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or share your thoughts or concerns by emailing, calling 412-624-4236, or by visiting our office in B39 of the Cathedral of Learning.

Andy Stephany, a pre-award administrator in the Department of Medicine, is president of Staff Council.