STAFF MATTERS: Time to get involved and provide your input


The University of Pittsburgh is such a unique place to commit to a professional career, particularly as staff. There are some many things that Pitt offers that you cannot get anywhere else. Education benefits, retirement savings, the academic environment are truly unlike most other work environments. Our employer even has a marching band!

This new year trumpets in a time of engagement at the University. Several different entities are asking for your ideas and opinions on shaping the institution. We, as staff, are positioned to provide feedback about our experience at the University like never before. We are being asked to share our insight for what we want here at the University on three different fronts this spring:

  1. Shaping the Workplace Environment. The Office of Human Resources is asking you to provide insight about their initiate to shaping our work environment. There are several engagement sessions already scheduled and HR is looking to schedule more. The entire initiative is outlined on a Sharepoint site (Pitt employees have access through You can put yourself on the waitlist for newly scheduled engagement sessions, provide written feedback, ask questions, and find Vice Chancellor David DeJong’s recorded kick-off announcement here.

  2. Pitt Information Technology is seeking your input as they transform Pitt’s information technology resources to align with Pitt’s goals. Town halls have been led by Vice Chancellor Mark Henderson. The next session is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Jan. 10 in the Public Health Building’s G23 Auditorium. The most recent IT report, vision and opportunities to provide written feedback are included on the IT Vision and Strategy website.

  3. Last, but not least: Plan for Pitt 2025. This is setting the stage for confirming the goals established five years ago and quantifying and establishing accountability to meet them. On the Plan for Pitt website you can find details about opportunities to provide your feedback in person (scheduled events are on the website starting Jan. 13) or written feedback. Selfishly, staff should have a vested interest in Goal 4: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion and Goal 6: Building Foundation Strength.

We will have the opportunity to see this feedback grow as well. All three groups are offering transparency and accountability as part of well-organized processes. There is a significant commitment on behalf of the University to listen and synthesize our collective thoughts into substantive change and growth here at Pitt.

Your chances to steer the course of what you want your time at Pitt to look like is in front of you. If you need to, talk to your supervisor about your desire to attend the engagement sessions. Your input and insight as staff are crucial. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to provide constructive feedback and have a voice in shaping how your employer conducts itself.

Andy Stephany is the president of Staff Council and an associate administrator in the Department of Medicine.