State budget, with 2 percent increase for Pitt, awaits action by Senate, governor

The current budget proposal approved by the state House on June 24 and awaiting action by the Senate and Gov. Tom Wolf includes a 2 percent increase in funding for the four state-related universities, including Pitt.

Wolf’s initial budget proposal released in February had no increase for Pitt, Penn State, Temple and Lincoln universities. This would be the sixth year in a row that funding from the state has gone up. The 2018-19 budget included a 2.8 percent increase for the state-related schools.

For Pitt, the increase means $3.47 million more from the state. In its annual request, Pitt had sought a 6.5 percent increase in funding for 2019-20.

The 14 state-owned universities and community colleges are slated to get a 2 percent increase as well.

The budget is supposed to be completed and signed by the governor by the end of the fiscal year on June 30, but there have been lengthy delays in the past.

— Susan Jones