Tell us what’s new for 2019-20 school year

It may seem like the summer session just started, but we all know that the fall term will be here quicker than you can walk the floors at the Cathedral of Learning.

In years past, the University Times has run an extensive list of everything new at Pitt as the academic year starts. This year, we want to be a little more selective.

And we need your help. We can’t possibly know everything that’s happening on our five campuses (but we sure do try).

Please email us information about any of the following, which will be included in a story when we resume publishing on Aug. 29. Please include only items that are news as this calendar year.

  • New people – Pitt seems to bring on 20 to 40 new hires every month, so we’re going to have to be selective. Please let us know if there are any department chairs, administrators or other key positions that are being filled by new hires or Pitt veterans in new jobs.

  • New places – Is construction starting, or is it newly completed? Did your area move or undergo remodeling? Share with us the short details on the project, along with the time frame.

  • Other changes — If there are any other major changes in your area that don’t fit the above categories, please tell us about it. Are there new majors? Are any new events coming up early in the fall term?

All content can be emailed to and should be received by Aug. 16.