Tell us what you care about

The University Times is heading into a new school year with a new editor, Susan Jones, and full-time reporter, Donovan Harrell, in addition to veteran part-time reporter Marty Levine.

Donovan and I are both new to the University, so we want to know what Pitt-related issues matter the most to faculty and staff members.

In addition to covering the governance of the University, we also want to tell your stories – about innovative projects; new staff, faculty and other interesting people who keep the University moving; and cutting-edge research.

So, let us know what issues and stories you think the University Times should be covering.

Our first edition in the fall will be available Sept. 6. We’ll be working hard in August to learn more about the University and its people.

Send your thoughts and ideas to or give me a call at 412-648-4294.

We’re listening and want to learn.

Susan Jones, University Times editor