University Senate announces committee election results

The University Senate committees will see several membership changes across the board in the next academic year.

The 2020 election for open seats in the Senate committees began on April 23 and concluded on May 5.

The election results are as follows:

Athletics and Recreation: Matthew Darnell, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS); and Carma Sprowls-Repcheck, Education

Benefits and Welfare: Luke Berenbrok, Pharmacy; Miriam Meislik, University Library System (ULS); and Linda Tashbook, Law

Budget Policies: Inmaculada Hernandez, Pharmacy; Gary Hollibaugh Jr., Graduate School of Public and International Administration (GSPIA); and Juan Taboas, Dental Medicine

Bylaws and Procedures: Ben Bratman, Law; Paula Sherwood, Nursing; and Cecelia Yates, Nursing

Community Relations: Anne Hays, Education; John Maier, Medicine; and LaMonica Wiggins, ULS

Computer and Information Technology: Dmitriy Babichenko, School of Computing and Information (SCI); and Ilia Murtazashvili, GSPIA

Educational Policies: Kate Gardner, Biological Sciences (Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences);  Marian Hampton, ULS; and Barbara Kucinski, Psychology (A&S)

Equity, Inclusion & Anti-discrimination Advocacy: Ally Bove, SHRS; and Stephen Gabrielson, Health Science Library System (HSLS)

Faculty Affairs: Thomas Diacovo, Medicine; Pat Loughlin, Engineering; and Vinayak Sant, Pharmacy

Governmental Relations: Mark Kelly, Exercise Science (Bradford); Allison Shertzer, Economics (A&S); and Alyson Stover, SHRS

Library: George (Reid) Andrews, History (A&S); and Ken Salzer, English (A&S)

Plant Utilization and Planning: Jeanine Buchanich, Public Health; Leslie Hammond, History (A&S); and Debora Miller, SHRS

Research: Michael Kenney, GSPIA; and Elizabeth Oyler, East Asian Languages & Literatures (A&S); Melanie Scott, Medicine

Student Admissions, Aid & Affairs: Nancy Glynn, Public Health; Uma Satyavolu, English (A&S); and Sybil Streeter, Psychology (A&S)

Tenure and Academic Freedom: Kirill Kiselyov, Biological Sciences (A&S); Ergin Kocyildirim, Medicine; and Mark Paterson, Sociology (A&S)

— Donovan Harrell


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